Phil Spector's ex-wife Ronnie has taken aim at Kanye West in a new interview, revealing she thinks the outspoken rapper is a "d**k".

The R&B icon, who fronted girl band The Ronettes, was asked for her opinion on West in a recent interview with website Noisey, and she let rip.

Spector told the site, "I am not a fan of Kanye West. I don't mind (his fiancee) Kim (Kardashian), but I just don't like that guy. I'm not a fan of how he speaks. He's a d**k. I'm sorry. I don't like him. I'm just being honest."

However, she confessed there are some rappers who turn her on - she is a fan of Eminem.

Spector added, "I like something I can understand. I understand his lyrics, but I like the beat."