Action man Jason Statham tried to keep a straight face while arm wrestling U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon on Friday night (21Jun13) - as the pair joked about what they would do when they won the strength contest.

After Fallon told The Transporter star, "I'm pretty sure I can beat you," the Late Night host and his guest revealed they both liked to intimidate their opponent by stating what they were going to do immediately after the contest.

Viewers were expecting tough-guy plans, but instead both men offered up less-than-manly gags, like listening to Train's Drops of Jupiter and making a movie version of Tv series Gilmore Girls.

But the actor raised the biggest laugh when he said, "After I win, I'm gonna officially change my name from Jason Statham to DICk Longflop."

Both men struggled to stay serious during the skit. Statham won the arm-wrestling bout.