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Picture - Ken Thomas and Vicki Thomas... Boone North Carolina United Kingdom, Monday 11th August 2014

Ken Thomas and Vicki Thomas - "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage," is the perfect INDIANA JONES quote to sum up this celebratory portrait of Ken Thomas and his wife Vicki. Taking the photo to commemorate their 21-one-year marriage, Ken and Vicki decided to dress up as Indiana Jones and his father Professor Harry Jones. Together they recreated a moment from the unforgettable motorcycle escape scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ken, who lives in western North Carolina with his wife, explains, "First of all, you should understand the image wasn't really meant to be some kind of 'viral' thing. The intended target audience was our friends on Facebook. Every year on our anniversary we post some kind of portrait. In the past we've always done something romantic or serious but we thought this year we'd try doing something funny. "The idea for the image itself kind of started with the motorcycle. The one we're sitting on in the photo is a 2014 Ural Gear-Up. I bought it a couple of months ago. It's very close to the one that Indy and Professor Jones were riding in the chase scene in The Last Crusade, so recreating a scene from the movie seemed like a good fit for the anniversary shot. "I'm a history buff and an outdoorsman and my friends tease me about being a low-budget Indiana Jones, so our original plan was to have me play Indy, but we ended up thinking it would be funnier if we flipped it around and had her play Indy instead. We decided to call it '21 Years of Adventure' because we doing a lot of hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, that sort of thing - and our friends think of us as a pretty adventurous pair. "We posted the photo on our 21st anniversary, and it was pretty popular - 300 likes, which is a lot for one of my photos. Then I posted it to the Facebook page of the company that made the motorcycle, and they shared it, and it started to go a little viral from there. Over 1000 likes and 100 shares, then they put it on their blog and in their newsletter. That was pr - Boone, North Carolina, United Kingdom - Monday 11th August 2014

INDIANA JONES, Ken Thomas and Vicki Thomas
INDIANA JONES, Ken Thomas and Vicki Thomas
INDIANA JONES, Ken Thomas and Vicki Thomas

Bradley Cooper is NOT the new Indiana Jones. Got That, Internet?

Bradley Cooper Harrison Ford INDIANA JONES Disney

On Wednesday (March 26, 2014) a new report on the Latino Review suggested Disney was ready to go ahead with a new INDIANA JONES movie. Not too much of a surprise you may have thought, and you'd be right, a fifth Indie movie has been rumored for a couple of years. Only, this report suggested the studio was ready to replace Harrison Ford with Bradley Cooper.

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper Is NOT playing Indiana Jones

The story also suggested Frank Darabont - who apparently wrote a far better script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull than the one produced - had pitched a new idea for a new movie. 

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Disney Secures Full Rights To 'Indiana Jones' - Future Movies Could Be On Their Way

Harrison Ford George Lucas Steven Spielberg INDIANA JONES Disney

In a move that has terrified fans the world over, Disney have acquired the full rights to the INDIANA JONES movies series, meaning they are now free to film future Indie titles as and when they please. According to Deadline, Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures came to an agreement on Friday, 6 December, that secures marketing and distribution privileges for the Indiana Jones franchise.

Harrison Ford
Will Harrison Ford be appearing in another adventure?

The deal between the two picture houses comes a year after Disney took their first steps towards securing the rights to the Indiana Jones series, when the company purchased Lucasfilms in a multi-billion-dollar deal last October. The new deal gives Disney marketing and distribution rights to any future Indie films and also means that Lucasfilm retains the ownership rights to all the Indiana Jones films. Essentially, the deal means that Disney are now the sole owners of the Indiana Jones movie franchise and have full authority to do whatever they please with it.

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Indiana Jones Mystery Package Sent To University of Chicago

George Lucas Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg INDIANA JONES

The University of Chicago has a mystery on its hands, a mystery involving INDIANA JONES of all people, after a surprise package was delivered to the University addressed to the fictional archeologist/adventurer.

According to the university’s admissions department Tumblr page, a package arrived at the university this Wednesday (Dec 12) addressed to one Henry Walton Jones Jr - the 'real' name of the character portrayed by Harrison Ford in the hugely successful film franchise. Unsure of what to do with the mystery package, the student office worker, whose job it was to deal with the it, set it aside until today when someone realized it wasn’t intended for any actual student or faculty member, but a fictional character who once enrolled at the University of Chicago: Indiana Jones.

When the seal was finally cracked and the contents were laid bare, the mystery refused to go away still. The Tumblr page goes on to describe the contents, with pictures, and states that inside was an apparently handmade re-creation of Abner Ravenwood’s diary, Abner Ravenwood being Jones' professor at the university in the 1920's, for those unfamiliar with the Indiana Jones films. It was while working with Ravenwood that Indi first gained knowledge of the Ark of the Covenant, which in turn set in motion the story of Raiders of the Lost Ark, George Lucas/Steven Spielberg’s landmark 1981 film and first in the series.

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Star Wars Episode 7: Where Will The Saga Take Us Next?

Star Wars George Lucas Harrison Ford Mark Hamill INDIANA JONES

George Lucas at the premiere of Tintin

Director, George Lucas, at the New York premiere of 'The Adventures of Tintin'

With Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilms this week, first on the agenda is a seventh Star Wars film – something that has split opinion and caused its fair share of outrage.

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Picture - Raider of the Lost Ark... , Wednesday 17th October 2012

Raider, Lost Ark, Harrison Ford and INDIANA JONES - Raider of the Lost Ark - Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones Wednesday 17th October 2012 Hollywood Costume - press view held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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