The University of Chicago has a mystery on its hands, a mystery involving INDIANA JONES of all people, after a surprise package was delivered to the University addressed to the fictional archeologist/adventurer.

According to the university’s admissions department Tumblr page, a package arrived at the university this Wednesday (Dec 12) addressed to one Henry Walton Jones Jr - the 'real' name of the character portrayed by Harrison Ford in the hugely successful film franchise. Unsure of what to do with the mystery package, the student office worker, whose job it was to deal with the it, set it aside until today when someone realized it wasn’t intended for any actual student or faculty member, but a fictional character who once enrolled at the University of Chicago: Indiana Jones.

When the seal was finally cracked and the contents were laid bare, the mystery refused to go away still. The Tumblr page goes on to describe the contents, with pictures, and states that inside was an apparently handmade re-creation of Abner Ravenwood’s diary, Abner Ravenwood being Jones' professor at the university in the 1920's, for those unfamiliar with the Indiana Jones films. It was while working with Ravenwood that Indi first gained knowledge of the Ark of the Covenant, which in turn set in motion the story of Raiders of the Lost Ark, George Lucas/Steven Spielberg’s landmark 1981 film and first in the series.

So what exactly is it? Is it a prop that someone found and decided was best off at the university? Or is an attempt to gain admission to the college by a fan of the franchise? More than likely, it could very well be a promotional prop, hinting at where the next instalment of the Indiana Jones story will go. A great franchise like that really does look like it'll have a prequel coming out soon, lets just hope it isn't as bad as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.