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Dustin Hoffman (8.8.1937) Dustin Hoffman is an Oscar-winning American screen and stage actor. He has sustained a successful acting career since the 1960s.

Childhood: Dustin Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California, to Lillian and Harry Hoffman. His Russian-born father worked as a prop supervisor and set decorator at Columbia Pictures, before he became a furniture salesman. His family are Jewish, although he did not have an overtly religious upbringing.

In 1955, Dustin Hoffman graduated from Los Angeles High School. He enrolled at Santa Monica College, intending to study medicine, but after a year, he left to join the Pasadena Playhouse.

Acting Career: Dustin Hoffman's acting career began when he started acting at the Pasadena Playhouse with Gene Hackman. After two years there, he moved to New York City with Hackman. Hoffman worked briefly as a teacher in New York, to supplement the meager income that he earned doing occasional TV commercials.

In the early 1960s, Dustin Hoffman joined the famous Actors Studio, where he learned the art of method acting. The film producer Sidney Pink discovered Hoffman and cast him in Madigan's Millions. For the rest of the decade, Hoffman acted in a number of TV shows and films, including the police drama Naked City and The Defenders.

Dustin Hoffman's big break came in 1966, when Mike Nichols cast him in The Graduate. Initially, Robert Redford and Warren Beatty had been considered for lead role, which eventually went to Hoffman, who turned down a role in Mel Brooks' The Producers to be a part of the film. In the film, he starred opposite Anne Bancroft, who was Brooks' wife.

In 1968, Hoffman won a Drama Desk award for his role in the Broadway musical Jimmy Shine. His next major film role, though, was in Midnight Cowboy, in which he starred alongside Jon Voight. Two years later, he starred in Little Big Man, with Faye Dunaway and Chief Dan George.

Hoffman's next two major ventures were 1971s Straw Dogs - which starred Susan George and was directed by Sam Peckinpah - and Papillon, in which he starred opposite Steve McQueen.

For 1974's Lenny, Hoffman received his third Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards, having already been nominated for The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy. 1976 saw Hoffman star in Marathon Man and All The President's Men. The former starred Laurence Olivier and the latter starred Robert Redford. Then, in 1978, he played the role of a thief in Straight Time, having turned down the option of directing the film.

The following year, Dustin Hoffman starred opposite Meryl Streep in the critically-acclaimed Kramer vs. Kramer. His performance in the film earned him his first Academy Award, with Streep winning the Best Supporting Actress gong.

In 1982's Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman played the role of Michael Dorsey; a struggling actor. Working alongside Jessica Lange, Hoffman earned his fifth Academy award nomination.

1988 was another landmark year for Hoffman, as he starred in the hugely successful Rain Man, opposite Tom Cruise. He won his second Academy Award for his performance.

The 1990s saw Dustin Hoffman continue to work steadily, in films such as 1990's Dick Tracy, 1991's Billy Bathgate (with Nicole Kidman) and 1992's Hero. Then, in 1995, he starred in Outbreak, as part of an all-star cast featuring Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Donald Sutherland and Cuba Gooding Jr. The following year, Hoffman starred alongside Jason Patric, Kevin Bacon and Brad Pitt in Sleepers.

Following the turn of the century, the highlights of Dustin Hoffman's career include a role in the historical fantasia Finding Neverland, with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, as well as an appearance in I Heart Huckabees. Hoffman also turned his hand to more comedy, with Meet the Fockers, with Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller and Barbra Streisand.

Personal Life: Between 1969 and 1980, Dustin Hoffman was married to Anne Byrne, with whom he has two children. In 1980, he married Lisa Gottsegen, with whom he has another four children.

As an aspiring actor in New York City, Dustin Hoffman's roommate was fellow actor Robert Duvall.

Biography by Contactmusic.com

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet Special Screening

Dustin Hoffman - Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet Special Screening held at LACMA's Bing Theatre at LACMA’s Bing Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 30th July 2015

Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and wife Lisa Hoffman

Michael Douglas Says Social Media Is To Blame For American Actors Missing Out On Biggest Roles

Michael Douglas Dustin Hoffman Tom Holland Andrew Garfield

Michael Douglas has bemoaned what he calls a “crisis” in the American movie industry, based on diminishing opportunities given to home-grown actors ahead of their British and Australian counterparts which he believes is down to their pre-occupation with social media and image instead of formal training.

He believes that young British actors are more likely to take acting school seriously and learn their profession the old-fashioned way, while Australian male stars are more overtly “masculine” in their image than U.S. actors.

70 year old Douglas said to The Independent: “There's something going on with young American actors - both men and women - because the Brits and Australians are taking many of the best American roles from them.”

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The Choir Trailer

Stet is just 11-years-old and struggling to come to terms with his mother's death. He frequently lashes out and has little discipline, but the one thing he does have a lot of is talent. An impressive singer, he is thrust into the National Boychoir Academy who accept him only on the basis that he can sing and that his father pays them well. However, he struggles to fit in with the other children, especially when it emerges that he is unable to read music. He causes fights and is frequently picked on, the school are beginning to see him as a liability, but there's an important concert coming up and Stet could prove to be their new secret weapon; all he needs is a little help. Choir master Carvelle takes him under his wing with a hard line, determined to show Stet just how great he can be.

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Dustin Hoffman Thinks The Film Industry Is The Worst It's Ever Been

Dustin Hoffman

As a winner of two Academy Awards and six Golden Globes, Dustin Hoffman knows a thing or two about the movie business. But the 77 year old actor, who shot to fame in 1967 after starring in The Graduate, has said he believes cinema is in the worst state it’s ever been, while television keeps getting better.

Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman has said the film industry is at an all-time low.

“I think right now television is the best that it’s ever been and I think that it’s the worst that film has ever been – in the 50 years that I’ve been doing it, it’s the worst,” Hoffman told The Independent. “It’s hard to believe you can do good work for the little amount of money these days.,” the actor continued.

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Kung-Fu Panda 3 - Teaser Trailer

Po the giant panda may be ever increasing his prowess at kung-fu, but he still has a lot to learn. Even so he faces yet another dangerous threat to China in the form of the evil spirit Kai, who is determined to take over the country by robbing various martial arts masters of their powers. Meanwhile, Po has a few personal problems to contend with. His long lose biological father has re-appeared out of the blue, looking for his soon having sensed that he is still alive somewhere. And so, Po returns to where he was born - though he has never felt less at home. He is being pressured into an arranged marriage with a needy panda named Mei Mei, but he's got to put his family issues on hold if he wants to save China yet again. Unfortunately, the only way he can do it is by training up his new panda neighbours in the art of kung fu - he's never had a more difficult task than this.

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The Program - First Look Trailer

Lance Armstrong is a cycling legend, with seven Tour De France wins under his belt among other accolades, feats that were made all the more impressive following his battle and subsequent recovery from testicular cancer. Despite his illness, he seemed better than ever before on the road on his return and by 2004, he had attracted the attention of reporter David Walsh, who grew suspicious that the athlete was using performance enhancing drugs, along with many of his cyclist friends. Armstrong used a genius combination of loopholes and convincing acting to make people believe otherwise but he was ultimately exposed and shamed for his tactics by a determined journalist.

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The Cobbler Trailer

Some people are far more important than you might think. For one lowly cobbler, things are about to change. After a lifetime of fixing other people's shoes, the cobbler, Max Simkin (Adam Sandler) one day dares to try on a pair, discovering that if he walks in a man (or woman)'s shoes, he will become that person. After becoming the wrong person and coming into some money that doesn't belong to him, Simkin must do whatever he can to make it through, and maybe go back to helping other people instead of himself.

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Dustin Hoffman arriving at Los Angeles International Airport

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman - Dustin Hoffman and wife Lisa Hoffman arriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 20th November 2014

Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman

Roald Dahl's 'Esio Trot' VIP screening

Dustin Hoffman and Dame Judi Dench - Photo's from the VIP screening of Roald Dahl's children's novel turned movie 'Esio Trot' at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 12th November 2014

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman

2014 BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman - A variety of stars were photographed on the red carpet for the 2014 British Aacademy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards which was presented by BBC America and United Airlines. The ceremony was held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Thursday 30th October 2014

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman - Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) - 'Boychoir' - Premiere - Toronto, Canada - Saturday 6th September 2014

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and Lisa Hoffman
DUSTIN HOFFMAN and Lisa Hoffman

Thomas Berger, Author of 'Little Big Man', Dies 13 Days Short of 90th Birthday

Dustin Hoffman

Thomas Berger, the renowned US author best known for his novel Little Big Man - later adapted into a movie starring Dustin Hoffman - has died aged 89. The novelist died in New York state just 13 days before he was due to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman starred in Thomas Berger's 'Little Big Man'

Little Big Man, about a white boy raised by the Cheyenne nation during the 19th century, reimagined the American West and would prove to be Berger's biggest hit following its release in 1964. The novel became even more popular following the 1970 Hollywood adaptation, which won Dustin Hoffman a BAFTA for best actor. 

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Chef Review


Like comfort food, this movie has very little nutritional value, but it sure goes down smoothly. This is one of those shamelessly delicious-looking films that makes our mouths water at the tasty dishes that are lovingly created on-camera. And it also has an array of deeply likeable characters, witty cameos and sparkling dialogue to keep us smiling. So who cares that nothing unexpected happens from start to finish? This is a movie we sit back and enjoy without worrying about the appearance of a plot twist.

The title character is Carl (played by writer-director Jon Favreau), the chef at a top Los Angeles restaurant that is stuck in a rut because the owner (Dustin Hoffman) refuses to change anything on the menu. When a snooty food critic (Oliver Platt) criticises Carl for his tired and predictable cuisine, Carl's reaction sparks an angry Twitter war. In a fit of anger, Carl quits his job then hatches a plan to get back to his roots while bonding with Percy (Emjay Anthony), his pre-teen son with spicy ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara). So Carl and his sidekick Martin (John Leguizamo) take Percy to Miami to refurbish food truck and drive back to California, along the way building a reputation and perfecting their Latin-infused menu.

Since a complex plot would just be distracting, this film coasts on the charisma of its likeable cast, throwing in lively side roles for the likes of Scarlett Johansson as a restaurant colleague, Bobby Cannavale as a fellow chef and most memorably Robert Downey Jr. as Inez's hilariously nutty ex. Everyone is relaxed and effortlessly funny, which makes the interaction feel amusing and never remotely forced. While this is easily Favreau's most assured work as a director (that's including the first two Iron Man movies), this is also his most generous performance too. He infuses the whole film with easy-going charm.

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A Week In Movies: Snowpiercer Premieres In L.A., Dustin Hoffman Films In London, New Trailers Promise Sci-Fi, Black Comedy And Comic-Book Action

Tilda Swinton Ed Harris Alison Pill John Cho Dustin Hoffman Brenton Thwaites Jessica Alba Bruce Willis Owen Wilson Zach Galifianakis Pierce Brosnan


Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, Alison Pill and John Cho were among the celebrities who turned out this week for the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Festival, which kicked off with the premiere of Bong Joon-ho's futuristic thriller Snowpiercer. It's based on a French comic book and stars Chris Evans, who's currently in London filming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Watch the action-packed trailer and find out more about 'Snowpiercer' here.

Also in London, Dustin Hoffman was caught on camera shooting scenes for his new film Esio Trot, based on the Roald Dahl story about a bachelor who falls for his neighbour, but is frustrated that she only seems to care about her pet tortoise. Costars include Judi Dench and James Corden. Take a peak at the Dustin Hoffman filming photos here.

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'Chef' Trailer: Do Not Watch While Hungry [Trailer + Pictures]

Jon Favreau Scarlett Johansson Dustin Hoffman Sofia Vergara

You know the supermarket rule – don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry? Well the same applies to watching the trailer for Jon Favreau’s Chef. The beautifully shot, beautifully prepared food will have you attempting a rare venison sandwich with horseradish foam and wild rocket puree, and we all know that can’t happen.

Chef movieIt's all about the food in 'Chef'

The story for ‘Chef’ sees Carl Casper (Favreau) given an ultimatum: cook Dustin Hoffman’s menu or don’t cook in his restaurant. Of course, the film would be pretty boring if he went ahead gave in to his mean boss, so instead he decides to fall off the wagon somewhat, become the laughing stock of an already snobbish culinary zeitgeist, and win back his respect and friends through an intrepid street food venture. 

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Dustin Hoffman

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