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Ben Whishaw (October 14th 1980)
Ben Whishaw is a British actor who appeared in Bond movie 'Skyfall' and voiced the title character in 'Paddington'.

Film career: Ben Whishaw's performance career began in theatre, appearing in Big Spirit's 'If This is a Man' and 'Hamlet'. Among his first film and television ventures were 2004's 'Layer Cake' opposite Daniel Craig and 2005 comedy series 'Nathan Barley'. Whishaw was nominated for a British Academy Film Award for Rising Star for his role in 2006 thriller 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer', which also starred Alan Rickman. 2007 saw him portray a version of Bob Dylan in 'I'm Not There' which also starred Christian Bale. In 2008, he appeared in five episodes of 'Criminal Justice' and starred in BBC drama 'The Hours' with Dominic West. He also played the title role in the TV adaptation of 'Richard II' in 2012. In 2010, he played Ariel in an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' alongside Helen Mirren. 2012 saw him in Bond film 'Skyfall' as Q, as well as 'Cloud Atlas' in which he played multiple characters alongside Halle Berry and Tom Hanks. The following year he appeared in Terry Gilliam sci-fi 'The Zero Theorem' with Christoph Waltz, and the year after that he voiced the main character in 'Paddington'. His other theatre roles include 'Cock', 'Mercury Fur' and 'Peter and Alice', the latter of which also starred Judi Dench.

Personal life: Ben Whishaw grew up in Clifton, Bedfordshire with his parents Linda, a cosmetics worker, and Jose, an IT consultant. He went to Henlow Middle School, Samuel Whitbread Community College and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was also part of the Bancroft Players Youth Theatre. In 2012, he had a civil union with composer Mark Bradshaw.

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Picture - Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux and... London United Kingdom, Friday 15th May 2015

Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux and John C. Reilly - A variety of stars were photographed as they attended a photo call for 'The Lobster' at the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France - Friday 15th May 2015

Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux and John C. Reilly

Suffragette - Teaser Trailer

Throughout the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, a secret war took place on the streets of England. For years, women of all ages and classes had fought for their right to vote, although they used politics and reason as their biggest weapon. When no clear results were seen, a specialist group formed a more radical idea - to take the political campaign out of the shadows and into the streets, with protests and fighting to gain what was theirs by right. But as the government fights back even harder, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

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Brian May: Sacha Baron Cohen Not Involved In Freddie Mercury Biopic, Contrary To Rumours

Sacha Baron Cohen Queen Freddie Mercury Ben Whishaw

We know what you're thinking: Sacha Baron Cohen, the master of disguises and impressions, would have been the perfect actor to play Freddie Mercury. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, has confirmed Cohen is not involved in any film project relating to the life of Mercury.

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen is not involved in the Freddie Mercury biopic.

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Spectre - Teaser Trailer

Picking up after the climactic battle at his childhood home of Skyfall Lodge and the villainous attacks on MI6 headquarters, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is ready to face his greatest adversary. With MI6 discovering that he has a secret from his childhood, he is sent to on a mission to track down an old friend, now a high-ranking official in the villainous organisation. Suspecting the involvement of Mr. White (Jesper Christensen), a prominent member of the once-powerful Quantum, Bond soon discovers that he is about to go head-to-head with a more powerful, more dangerous group: SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), and its illusive and mysterious leader (Christoph Waltz).

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Brian May Says Sacha Baron Cohen Won't Be Playing Freddie Mercury In Queen Biopic

Sacha Baron Cohen Brian May Ben Whishaw Queen Freddie Mercury Roger Taylor

Well it was a good idea while it lasted, but it appears Sacha Baron Cohen will not be playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic after all, guitarist Brian May has confirmed. Queen’s long time manager Jim Beach was said to have announced Cohen’s involvement in the film on Thursday, while accepting an award at the Artist & Management Awards at London's Troxy venue.

Sacha Baron CohenSadly we will not get to see Sacha Baron Cohen sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

According to the Daily Mail, Beach had told the audience “You have probably followed the saga of the famous Queen-Freddie Mercury biopic which has been developing in Hollywood for the last seven years. An important breakthrough is that we have now managed to persuade Sacha Baron Cohen to write, produce and direct this movie, and he has also agreed to star.”

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'Spectre' Teaser Trailer Promises More "Secrets" From James Bond's Past Will Be Revealed

Daniel Craig James Bond Monica Bellucci Lea Seydoux Andrew Scott Christoph Waltz Ralph Fiennes Ben Whishaw Stephanie Sigman

A teaser trailer for the upcoming James Bond film Spectre has been released and the film promises to deal more with Bond's past. From what we can glean from the teaser trailer, Spectre is set in the weeks following Bond's fight with cyber terrorist Raoul Silva at Skyfall and M's subsequent death. MI6 headquarters are still in ruins following Silva's attack and an investigation into what happened at Bond's family home of Skyfall is underway. Bond is seemingly drawn into a web of lies and deceit which centre on a secret intelligence agency, known as Spectre.  

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre.

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Picture - Ben Whishaw - Ben Whishaw... London United Kingdom, Sunday 15th February 2015

Ben Whishaw - Ben Whishaw films scenes for new James Bond movie 'Spectre' on Vauxhall Bridge - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 15th February 2015

Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw

'Paddington' Set To Hit American Cinemas This Weekend

Ben Whishaw Hugh Bonneville Peter Capaldi Nicole Kidman

Having taken British cinemas by storm over Christmas, the excellent family comedy Paddington is finally set to hit US theaters this weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with the adventures of the Peruvian bear, let us try to persuade you of his charms before you go to see it. No plot spoilers though!

A sneak peek of the loveable bear, who makes his US cinema debut this weekend (16 Jan)

The character was created by Michael Bond in 1958, a polite bear who loves marmalade sandwiches that is found at London’s Paddington Station and taken in by the Brown family. In the film, he adjusts happily to his new life in London until he gets into a scrape when he meets an evil taxidermist. We’ll let you find out how our hero deals with that for yourselves!

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Daniel Craig Raves About The Cast Of 'Spectre'

Daniel Craig Sam Mendes Christoph Waltz Dave Bautista Ralph Fiennes Ben Whishaw Naomi Harris Andrew Scott Lea Seydoux Monica Bellucci

"We've spent two years getting this together," said Daniel Craig while discussing the announcement of 'Spectre' "and there's been so much hard work and effort". For his fourth outing in the iconic role of James Bond, Craig will reunite with director Sam Mendes and the cast of 'Skyfall', as well as bringing an old foe back from the Sean Connery days.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'Skyfall'
Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'Skyfall'

When asked about the return of Mendes as the film's director, Craig responded by saying "He's the only guy for the job. He did such a wonderful job with 'Skyfall' and came down to do the next one and it just seemed to be the obvious choice." Following on from 'Skyfall' is not going to be an easy task, however, as the third film in the Bond reboot series made over 1 billion USD worldwide and took home two Academy Awards. Furthermore, the recent Sony hacks have revealed that 'Spectre' was supposedly coming in far over budget, and with a script that needed drastic work.

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Richard Linklater Wes Anderson James Gunn Eddie Redmayne Jake Gyllenhaal Benedict Cumberbatch Ben Whishaw

There was unexpected variety and diversity in cinemas this year, including some genre films that broke through the barriers...

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler

10) Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal goes very dark in this creepy black comedy about a man who has very few limits in what he'll do to become famous. It's so timely that it almost hurts to watch it.Watch the trailer for Nightcrawler here.

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'Paddington' Wins The Box Office For Marmalade

Michael Bond Ben Whishaw

The movie adaptation of Michael Bond's marmalade-loving Paddington bear stories fended off box office competition for a second weekend in the UK, triumphing over two significant challengers for the family holiday movie crown. 'Paddington''s chief new competitors were the animated spin-off 'Penguins of Madagascar' and the starry, warmly reviewed 'Get Santa', plus seasonal rereleases of 'Frozen' and 'The Polar Express'. But 'Paddington' only lost 25 percent of its box office take, reaching £10.3 million over just 10 days.

Ben Whishaw provides the voice for Paddington Bear
Ben Whishaw provides the voice for Paddington Bear

Film industry analysts have been surprised by 'Paddington''s robust performance, noting its potential franchise-launching possibilities. And since it's not a specifically Christmas-themed movie, it has a chance of carrying on in cinemas into the New Year. This is unlikely with 'Get Santa' or the third British holiday hit 'Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey?!'

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'Paddington' Storms The UK Box Office

Ben Whishaw Michael Bond

Film company StudioCanal took a big risk in adapting Michael Bond's beloved Paddington bear storybooks for the big screen. Not only did they dare to add a villain (the slinky Nicole Kidman) and some real menace to the story, but the process of creating a live-action/animation hybrid movie is painstaking and expensive.

Ben Whishaw lends his voice to the young bear, Paddington
Ben Whishaw took over the voice of Paddington in mid 2014 after Colin FIrth left the project

Now that the film has been in UK cinemas for a week, it appears that the investment has paid off. Buoyed by praise-filled reviews from critics (the film has a staggering 97% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes), 'Paddington' had the second biggest opening this year for a family film (after 'The Lego Movie'). It may be StudioCanal's most expensive UK production, but it also gave them their best-ever opening weekend. It's already their biggest box office hit ever, and it's only getting started.

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Picture - Naomie Harris, Daniel Craig, Ben... London United Kingdom, Thursday 4th December 2014

Naomie Harris, Daniel Craig, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes - SShots of the stars of 'Spectre' the new James Bond film as they arrived at the films launch event at the Pinewood studios in London, United Kingdom - Thursday 4th December 2014

Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig
Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig
Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig
Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig
Naomie Harris
Ben Whishaw

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