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Here's What We Know So Far About 'Mary Poppins Returns'

Emily Blunt Colin Firth Meryl Streep Emily Mortimer Ben Whishaw Julie Walters Julie Andrews Dick Van Dyke

Production has commenced on the highly anticipated Mary Poppins Returns and Walt Disney Studios have finally revealed some exciting plot details.

Filming is currently underway at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England and the musical is scheduled for release on December 25, 2018.

Emily BluntEmily Blunt stars in Mary Poppins Returns

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A Hologram For The King Trailer

Alan Clay is a middle aged American businessman who's life has recently derailed. With nothing left to lose, Clay travels to Saudi Arabia in a bid to secure a potentially huge IT contract - a 3d meeting system to be installed in a huge new complex that's currently being built. Accompanied by his friendly Chicago (the band) loving driver, Yousef, Alan is taken to the site of his client's new city and what he finds isn't what was expected - a barren land to be specific.

Working under increasing pressure, Alan suffers an anxiety attack and collapses. When he awakes, he finds he's in bed and a nurse is by his side. As their friendship deepens, and cultural differences are obvious, something connects the pair. Perhaps a trip to a distant land is the exact thing Alan needs to add some perspective to his life. 

A Hologram For The King is directed by Tom Tykwer and based on the 2012 book by Dave Eggers.

The Danish Girl Review

Very Good

Director Tom Hooper deploys the same style he used in The King's Speech for this much darker story about the first man to undergo gender-reassignment surgery. It's an odd mix of rather too-pretty visuals with an edgy series of events that perhaps demands a lot more raw honesty. But the story is fascinating, and the cast is excellent, delivering astute, introspective performances that reveal the much earthier narrative under the lovely surface.

It opens in 1926 Copenhagen, where husband and wife painters Einar and Gerda Wegener (Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander) are hoping to start a family as they develop their careers. One day, Gerda talks Einar into putting on a dress to pose for one of her paintings, and the experience triggers long-suppressed yearnings from his childhood. Gerda and their friend Ulla (Amber Heard) encourage him to attend a party in drag, and Lili Elbe is born, Einar's female alter ego who immediately attracts the attention of a lovelorn man (Ben Whishaw). After they move to Paris, they find another friend in Gerda's agent Hans (Matthias Schoenaerts), who was Einar's childhood pal. But while the French doctors think Einar is simply crazy, Gerda sticks by him as he decides to undergo a radical experimental surgery offered by a doctor (Sebastian Koch) in Germany.

Hooper's usual directorial flourishes include off-centre compositions, painterly sets and emotive close-ups, which bring out the internal struggles of the characters in beautiful ways. But this also has a tendency to simplify a story that is seriously complex. By emphasising the social conflicts and relational melodrama, the entire movie begins to feel rather thin, never quite grappling with the more provocative or disturbing aspects of the issues at hand. There are hints of what might have given the film an edgier kick, such as a moment of Hitchcockian obsession or the shifting of power between the male and female characters.

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In The Heart Of The Sea Review


With a huge budget and a relatively small story, this is an intriguingly offbeat blockbuster that might struggle to find an audience. Basically, it's aimed at fans of more thoughtful, personal stories of tenacity and survival, but it's shot with a massive special effects budget that sometimes seems to swamp the drama. Still, it's involving and moving. And it's also fascinatingly based on the true events that inspired Moby Dick.

The story is framed in 1850 as novelist Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) visits an ageing sailor named Tom (Brendan Gleeson) to quiz him about a momentous event in his past that he has never spoken of. Flash back to 1820 Nantucket, and Tom (Tom Holland) is a rookie crew member on the whaling ship Essex, working under the posh, privileged Captain George (Benjamin Walker) and his able but low-class first mate Owen (Chris Hemsworth). As these these two leaders clash against each other, the ship sails off for what will be a very long journey. Eventually they head into the Pacific in search of a mythical pod of whales. But when they find it, they run afoul of a gigantic white whale that takes their arrival personally, sinking their ship and pursuing the survivors in their lifeboats.

All of this is staged as an epic battle between humanity and nature, with layers of interest in the way these men strain to survive against unimaginable odds. It's a riveting story, beautifully shot and rendered with immersive effects. And the cast members create complex characters who are profoundly changed by their experience. Not only is there mammoth action, but there's plenty of barbed interaction and even some strongly emotional moments that bring the themes home to a modern audience. Sometimes this aspect feels a bit corny, as clearly whalers at the time wouldn't feel remorse about killing one of these majestic creatures. But we would.

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Paddington - International Trailer

In the jungles of Peru, a young bear learns about and becomes obsessed with Great Britain and sets off on an adventure to visit the county. After an arduous journey, he finally arrives in London's Paddington Station, but realises quite soon that he is both lost and lonely. That is, until the Brown family discover him and adopt him, naming him Paddington, after the place they found him. Paddington (Ben Whishaw) is a great addition to the household, as his antics entertain the children. But said antics often end in destruction within the household, leaving the Brown family in a difficult position. Things become even more difficult when Millicent (Nicole Kidman) sets about trying to capture and stuff Paddington, in order to add him to her exhibition. 

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'12 Years A Slave' Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor Set For Bond Villain Role

Chiwetel Ejiofor James Bond Daniel Craig Sam Mendes Ralph Fiennes Ben Whishaw Naomie Harris

The Oscar-nominated star of 12 Years A Slave, Chiwetel Ejiofor, is likely to become the next James Bond villain, according to Variety. The trade magazine says the British star is the top name on producers' wish list for the 24th official James Bond movie, which will once again be directed by Sam Mendes as well as starring Daniel Craig.

Chiwetel EjioforChiwetel Ejiofor Could Be The Next Bond Villain

Bond 24 is due to begin filming in the summer for a November 2015 release date. Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris are also set to return as M, Q and Moneypenny respectively. 

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Freddie Mercury BioPic Parts Ways With Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher Ben Whishaw Sacha Baron Cohen Brian May

Director Dexter Fletcher has walked out on Sony's Freddy Mercury movie, meaning it's back to the drawing board for a project that has already suffered numerous setbacks. Fletcher, who landed the gig after his work on Sunshine on Leith, did not see eye-to-eye with GK Films' Graham King on the direction of the movie, according to Deadline.

Dexter FletcherDexter Fletcher Has Left The Freddie Mercury Biopic

Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw is set to play Mercury, but the delay in finding Fletcher's replacement could have wider implications for the production schedule with Whishaw preparing to begin work on the new Bond movie with Sam Mendes.

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The Zero Theorem: Is Terry Gilliam Back To 'Twelve Monkeys' Form?

Terry Gilliam Ben Whishaw Christoph Waltz

With his latest film The Zero Theorem, Terry Gilliam returns to the ramshackle future he first visited in his now-classic 1985 film Brazil and then again in 1995's Twelve Monkeys.

Ben Whishaw Zero TheoremBen Whishaw in 'The Zero Theorem'

Known for his flights of fancy in movies like Life of Brian, Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Gilliam's rampant imagination is well-suited to stories set in the chaos of a future dystopia where society seems to be crushing the independent spirit of the central character.

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'The Zero Theorem': Terry Gilliam Trapped In His Own Fantasy? [Trailer + Pictures]

Terry Gilliam Christoph Waltz Tilda Swinton Ben Whishaw

Terry Gilliam's latest effort The Zero Theorem follows a computer hacker and his ultimate goal to discover the reason for human existence. A shadowy organisation known only as The Management are keen to interrupt his work and send a lusty love interest to distract him from his potentially ground-breaking work.

Terry Gilliam Peter Stormare Ben WhishawChristoph Waltz [L], Peter Stormare [Centre] and Ben Whishaw [R] in 'The Zero Theorem'

It all sounds very...Gilliam...though from the polarizing critical reception, we're no clearer as to whether the 73-year-old has made his finest movie yet, or another scatty missed opportunity.

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The Zero Theorem Review


Lively and imaginative, this raucous adventure-drama recaptures the ramshackle futurism of director Terry Gilliam's 1985 masterpiece Brazil, throwing a lonely guy into a series of events that get increasingly surreal. And while we never lose interest, the plot seems to fall apart about halfway in, circling around itself and the pungent themes that ooze through every scene.

The central figure is Qohen (Waltz), a genius who feels like life has lost its meaning. He hates the corporate mentality at Mancom, where both his manager (Thewlis) and the computer system drive him nuts. Then after a chance encounter with the big boss (Damon), he's given a new assignment to work at home crunching numbers to prove the Zero Theorem. Everyone is vague about what this theorem is, but Qohen likes being away from the office. But now he's distracted by the seductive Bainsley (Thierry), who puts on a sexy nurse outfit and lures him into a virtual reality environment. He's also assigned 15-year-old computer nerd Bob (Hedges) to keep his system up and running. Or maybe everyone is spying on him.

The central theme is the search for meaning in life, which is echoed in Qohen's inability to feel, taste or properly experience anything. And the theorem itself turns out to be an attempt to prove conclusively that everything is meaningless. This allows Gilliam to deploy his vast imagination in every scene, with a flood of corporate and religious imagery, suggestive innuendo and topical gags about free will in a society that values making money at the expense of actually living. All of the actors grab on to these ideas, adding comical physicality and knowing humour to each scene. 

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The Zero Theorem - Trailer And Feaurette

In a flamboyant, futuristic universe, Qohen Leth works as a computer hacker desperate to uncover the meaning of life. He appears to suffer from a range of conflicting phobias and his eccentricity forces him to stand out to the formidable Management who enlist him to try and crack the most fundamental formula of mankind history, the Zero Theorem. Meanwhile, he is waiting desperately for an important phone call that will reveal to him the purpose of human existence. But as he absorbs himself deeply with his own work at the dilapidated chapel he calls home, he finds himself repeatedly distracted by Management's teenager son Bob and a stunning blonde seductress named Bainsley who was specifically hired by the dictatorial authority. Qohen's sanity is frequently tested as it becomes more and more clear that the Zero Theorem is trying to tell him that all is for nothing.

'The Zero Theorem' is a vibrant sci-fi drama set in an almost Orwellian dystopian future. It has been directed by the Oscar nominated Terry Gilliam ('Twelve Monkeys', 'Brazil', 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail') and written by Pat Rushin ('No Ordinary Sun' short) in his full-length screenplay debut. It has already caused a stir having won the Future Film Festival Digital Award at the Venice Film Festival and it is set to be released in the UK on March 14th 2014.

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Teenage Review


Part documentary and part film essay, this movie mixes fact and fiction to explore the concept of the teenager, which didn't exist before World War II. It's fascinating to learn how the idea emerged, and how understanding it has fundamentally changed society. But the film remains resolutely superficial in its approach to history, only briefly dipping beneath the surface right at the very end.

Up until the early 20th century, Western society was made up of adults and children, with nothing in between. But child labour laws changed that, giving young people a taste of freedom and responsibility that became even more important during two world wars and the Great Depression. Rebellious attitudes surged in swing music, and even though adults balked at the idea of giving teens any real independence, the New York Times made it official in 1945 with the publication of a Teen-age Bill of Rights.

All of this is informative and interesting, but filmmaker Wolf interweaves the archival movies with footage he has created in a vintage style. And we can tell something isn't quite right: the character profiles are clearly fictionalised, which makes us wonder how much of the movie we can believe. It certainly doesn't help that these fake young people are token figures: a partying British socialite, a young black American, a member of the Hitler Youth. No matter how much they tell us about the times and places, they remain purely artificial creations.

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John Deacon Rules Out Any Involvement In Freddie Mercury Biopic

Queen Freddie Mercury Ben Whishaw Sacha Baron Cohen Brian May

Former Queen bassist John Deacon is apparently having nothing to do with the upcoming biopic of the group's late singer Freddie Mercury as he continues to maintain his exile from the surviving group member's work under the Queen name. According to the group's guitarist Brian May, Deacon has given the script for the film his approval, but wants nothing more to do with the upcoming movie project, or the potential new Queen album rumoured to be in the works.

Freddie Mercury
Mercury will be remembered in the upcoming biopic

"We kinda mourn for John as well as Freddie in a sense," May recently told Rolling Stone. "I do know John's read the script and he's in approval...[But] he just doesn't want to be walking those roads ... He's in his own space and we respect that. It's a shame, because we would love to have him around but he doesn't want to be in that arena anymore."

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Tonight Matthew, I'm Going To Be Freddy Mercury - Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw Freddie Mercury Sacha Baron Cohen

Remember Stars in Their Eyes? That was good wasn’t it, and while it may have provided an incredibly cheap platform on which to build this story – surrounding Ben Whishaw’s upcoming turn as Freddie Mercury in a biopic of the mercurial singer – we maintain its validity and quality. But that’s enough nostalgia now; it’s time to step back into 2013.

Ben WhishawBen Whishaw clasping his Bafta

Whishaw has replaced Sacha Baron Cohen - reports the BBC -  who pulled out of playing the late Queen star because of creative differences with the band. He wanted to portray every facet of Mercury’s life included the more debauched and unsavoury times, as well as the creative entertainment powerhouse that he was. The remaining Queen members on board, though, wanted a family friendly exposition of his life, and ties were cut.

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Jude Law As 'Henry V' Is (Probably) The Best Acting Performance Of 2013

Jude Law Judi Dench Daniel Radcliffe Ben Whishaw Sheridan Smith David Walliams Michael Grandage

The latest stage version of William Shakespeare's historic epic Henry V is currently playing to packed-out audiences at the Noel Coward Theatre on London's West End, with critics being particularly taken by lead man Jude Law, who portrays the embattled monarch in Michael Grandage's take on the show.

Jude Law
Jude Law is being roundly praised for his depiction of Henry V

The last instalment of the Michael Grandage Company’s season on the West End, it may also be the best too, thanks largely to the star performance from its lead performer. After a successful 15-month season, consisting of five plays each performed at the Noel Coward Theatre, Henry V marks the end of Grandage's triumphant run, but he couldn't have ended things on higher note. Whilst praise has been distributed to the direction and stage design for the show, it is Law's lead performance that has captured critics and audiences alike, as the Dom Hemingway actor continues his good run of form as a critically acclaimed acting talent.

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A Week In News: Jamie Dornan To '50 Shades' Rescue, A Royal Baptism & Pearl Jam Rock To Top Of Charts

Jamie Dornan Kate Middleton Ben Whishaw Sandra Bullock Matthew Mcconaughey

Jamie Dornan

'Fifty Shades' Saved: The movie adaptation of the bestselling erotic trilogy has been beset by issues, not least the walk-out of frontman Charlie Hunnam. After plenty of speculation in the media, Irish The Fall actor  has stepped in and it looks as though the movie's ready to begin filming with Dornan and Dakota Johnson from November. Learn more about Jamie Dornan.

A Future King Christened: All eyes were on the UK's royal family once again for the christening of Prince William and Duchess Catherine's three month old baby, Prince George. The tiny ceremony was attended by just 22 guests, which included the highest members of the royal family, Kate's family and George's 7 godparents. Find out who was picked.

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Brian May: Sacha Baron Cohen "Distracting" In Freddie Mercury Biopic

Brian May Sacha Baron Cohen Ben Whishaw

Brian May has opened up about Sacha Baron Cohen's departure from the planned Freddie Mercury biopic, which it seems is almost certainly going to be a sugar-coated love letter to the late Queen singer.

Cohen walked away from the project in July after spending months honing his vocals for the role, however, reports suggested he fell out with may and Roger Taylor of his planned portrayal of Mercury.

Now, speaking with, Brian May explained, "In the end, we felt that his [Cohen's] presence in the movie would be very distracting.

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Ben Whishaw Lands Freddie Mercury Role, Replaces Sacha Baron Cohen

Ben Whishaw Queen Freddie Mercury Brian May Roger Taylor

Actor Ben Whishaw has reportedly stepped in to play legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury after the recent departure of Sacha Baron Cohen. The 33 year-old Skyfall actor has landed the role in the upcoming biopic charting the fame of the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' rocker, The Mail on Sunday claims to have confirmed.

Ben Whishaw Pride
Ben Whishaw Is The Queen Favourite For The Role.

Baron Cohen dropped out over the summer over quarrels with the remaining Queen members regarding the film's plot. Sacha was said to be gunning for a bare-all, gritty portrayal of the singer who died in 1991 whereas the band preferred a more family-friendly storyline that celebrated Queen's music.

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Brian May Explains Why Sasha Baron Cohen Was Wrong For Freddie Mercury Biopic

Queen Freddie Mercury Brian May Roger Taylor Sacha Baron Cohen Ben Whishaw

The planned biopic of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury's life has been in discussion for three years now, with comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen in line to star as the late singer since the very beginning of the project. The biopic was thrown into disarray in the summer however, when it was reported that Cohen had been booted from the project, with little explanation for his exit. This week, Queen guitarist Brian May looked to shed some light on what happened.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury is revered as one of the finest rock frontmen of all time

"It's quite difficult to talk about because we owe Sacha a lot," May told Classic Rock in it's latest issue. He went on to say, "He had so much enthusiasm for the project and it really helped us kick it into the start position. But in the end we felt that his presence in the movie would be very distracting."

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Ben Whishaw Targeted For Freddy Mercury Role But What Happened To Sasha Baron Cohen?

Ben Whishaw

The biopic of Queen frontman Freddy Mercury is now targeting British actor, Ben Whishaw for the lead role.

'Ali G' star, Sasha Baron Cohen, was closely attached to the film since it was announced back in September 2010 but the remaining members of Queen, who are producing the film, thought his presence would be "very distracting" in the lead role.

Legendary guitarist, Brian May, recently spoke to Classic Rock magazine about Baron Cohen leaving the project, "in the end we felt that his presence in the movie would be very distracting," May said.

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Ben Wheatley To Usher In Peter Capaldi's Dr Who Generation With First 2 Eps

Peter Capaldi Ben Whishaw

Ben Wheatley has been handed the enviable task of helming the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who series, which will feature a new Timelord in the shape of Peter Capaldi, who was unveiled as the new Doctor when Matt Smith hung up his Sonic Screwdriver. The director – known for his feature films – has worked on TV, and with the BBC before.

Ben WheatleyBen Wheatley has been a big fan of the sci-fi series

He directed 14 episodes of the Johnny comedy Ideal. He was also behind The Editors’ music video for Formaldehyde, but it was his movies, Down Terrace, Kill List and most recently, the critically acclaimed A Field in England, that thrust him to prominence.

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'The Hollow Crown': Shakespeare 4-Play Miniseries Out Soon On DVD

Ben Whishaw Sam Mendes Jeremy Irons Julie Walters Simon Russell Beale David Morrissey

Shown last summer on BBC2, the spectacular, four-part, historical drama series, The Hollow Crown will be available to buy on DVD and to digitally download at the end of this month. The episodes began being broadcast in June 2012 and were brought to life by Skyfall director Sam Mendes who executively produced the episodes for the BBC channel.

The Hollow Crown

The drama series features four of Shakespeare's plays, or the 'Henriad' as they are often collectively known: Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2 and Henry V. Across the four episodes star Ben Whishaw as King Richard II, Jeremy Irons as King Henry VI, Tom Hiddlestone as King Henry V and Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt.

Continue reading: 'The Hollow Crown': Shakespeare 4-Play Miniseries Out Soon On DVD

The Hollow Crown Trailer

The first episode of this series is 'Richard II' detailing the life of the King between 1398 and 1400; his greed, his severity in regards to his subjects and his eventual overthrow by his cousin Henry Bolingbroke, who, after claiming the throne, had Richard imprisoned and later murdered. The second two episodes are based on Bolingbroke, now dubbing himself Henry IV, who's Kingship has brought with it a revolt with the Percy family. His son, the future Henry V, is determined to be King one day, but with a disapproving father who'd rather Henry Percy (aka Hotspur) become his heir, there is understandable bloodshed. The final episode tells the story of Henry V, who struggles with the complexity of war and his own moral standing as a ruler.

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Peter Capaldi To Be Announced As 'Doctor Who' In Special Live Show?

Peter Capaldi Rory Kinnear Ben Whishaw Steven Moffat Zoe Ball

The new Doctor Who will be revealed in a special live show on Sunday (August 4, 2013) with 'The Thick of It' star Peter Capaldi the clear favourite with the bookmakers.

According to the BBC, the half-four show will be presented by Zoe Ball and is set to feature an interview with the current Doctor Who Matt Smith and executive producer Steven Moffat. The casting remains shrouded in secrecy, with only a handful of those working on the long-running BBC show privy to the selection.

"The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who's taking over the Tardis," Moffat said. "For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve."

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Rupert Grint To Make West End Debut Alongside Ben Whishaw

Rupert Grint Ben Whishaw Brendan Coyle Daniel Mays

Rupert Grint, AKA Ron Weasley, will be putting his Potter days behind him as he makes his stage debut on the West End. The prestigious theatre circuit will be a baptism of fire for the 24 year-old actor who has never performed on stage before, having captured the attention of the Warner Bros. producers when he submitted a rap, aged 11, proclaiming how much he wanted the part of Harry Potter's best friend, Ron.

Rupert Grint
Grint: Eyeballing A West End Role.

It has been confirmed to BBC News that Grint will star alongside Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, The Hour) in a gritty play entitled Mojo that was originally performed at the Royal Court in 1995, followed by a film adaptation in 1998. Opening at the Harold Pinter theatre in October, black comedy Mojo will be set in a seedy 1950s Soho nightclub with Grint playing 'Sweets' who has a penchant for amphetamines and dark humour. The Thunderpants actor will star alongside Whishaw, Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle and Made in Dagenham's Daniel Mays.

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Calling All Timelords! Doctor Who Audition Script Released By Steven Moffat

Matt Smith Steven Moffat Ben Whishaw Rory Kinnear Ben Daniels Dominic Cooper Chiwetel Ejiofor Julian Rhind-Tutt David Harewood

Ever fancied yourself behind the controls to the TARDIS? This could be your chance: the audition script used by the BBC on the hunt for a new timelord has been published in Doctor Who magazine, giving us a glimpse of life after Matt Smith.

Matt Smith
The BBC Are On The Hunt For A Matt Smith Successor.

It could be safe to say that producers aren't on the lookout for a female Doctor Who. Although no indication is given whether the regenerated doctor's gender is the same or not, Jenna Lee Coleman's Clara's lines aren't half as surprised as they would have been had producers planned for the Doc to reappear with boobs and the Doctor doesn't react to a more feminine sounding voice. Sorry Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren; it's probably not going to be you.

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Ben Daniels Is New Favourite For 'Doctor Who' Job: Could He Be The One?

Ben Daniels Doctor Who Daniel Kaluuya Ben Whishaw Sue Perkins Olivia Colman Jenna-louise Coleman Domhnall Gleeson Chiwetel Ejiofor Steven Moffat Matt Smith David Tennant Rory Kinnear Dominic Cooper

Ben Daniels is the latest name to become the favourite to inherit the role of Doctor Who in the long-running BBC series. Very soon there'll be very few British male actors who haven't been rumoured to be taking over the controls to the TARDIS as the Merlin actor now has the most favourable odds at 6/1. With previous odds of 16/1, Chiwetel Ejiofor (Salt, American Gangster) now closely follows Daniels at 7/1.

Ben Daniels
Could Ben Daniels Take Over From Matt Smith As The New Doctor?

However, chances are the new Who may not be a male actor at all; there have been calls for the new Doctor to be female, which would mark a first for the series which has run since 1963.

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Rory Kinnear, A Time Lord? Apparently He's Been Offered Doctor Who Role...

Rory Kinnear Matt Smith Ben Whishaw Steven Moffat Rupert Grint David Beckham Doctor Who

Rory Kinnear, 35, has apparently been offered the titular role in BBC's long-running sci-fi drama Doctor Who,causing betting agents Ladbrokes to close down bets after an influx of bets caused his odds to rise to 2/1.

The Telegraph have stoked the flames of this most recent rumour, reporting that their insider DW source confirmed Kinnear has been offered the role and is quoted saying "he is the perfect choice" to follow current Doctor, Matt Smith - who is soon to retire.

Rory KinnearWill Rory Kinnear Be The Next Doctor Who?

Continue reading: Rory Kinnear, A Time Lord? Apparently He's Been Offered Doctor Who Role...

Cloud Atlas Review


Mad geniuses Tom Tykwer (Perfume) and the Wachowski siblings (The Matrix) boldly take on David Mitchell's layered epic novel, which connects six generations through the power of storytelling. The film takes so many huge risks that it's breathtaking to watch even when it stumbles. And as each tale is passed on to the next generation, the swirling themes get under the skin.

The six stories are interlinked in a variety of ways, transcending time to find common themes. On a ship in 1849, a seriously ill American lawyer (Sturgess) shows kindness to a stowaway ex-slave (Gyasi). In 1936 Edinburgh, a great composer (Broadbent) hires a musician (Whishaw) to transcribe his work, then tries to steal the young man's magnificent Cloud Atlas symphony. In 1973 San Francisco, a Latina journalist (Berry) gets a tip about dodgy goings on in a local nuclear power plant. In present-day London, a publisher (Broadbent) is trapped in a nursing home by his brother (Grant) and plots a daring escape. In 2144 Neo Soul, an official (D'Arcy) interrogates a replicant (Bae) who started a rebellion alongside a notorious rebel (Sturgess). And in a distant stone-age future, an island goatherd (Hanks) teams up with an off-worlder (Berry) when they're attacked by a warlord (Grant).

While the themes in this film are eerily involving, what makes this film unmissable is the way the entire cast turns up in each of the six story strands, changing age, race and gender along the way. Even so, they're essential variations on each other. Weaving is always a nemesis, whether he's a hitman, a demon or a nasty nurse. Hanks' characters are always strong-willed and often badly misguided. Grant goes against type to play sinister baddies. And D'Arcy is the only actor who plays the same character in two segments, as Whishaw's 1930s young lover and Berry's 1970s elderly informant. Meanwhile, each segment plays with a different genre: seafaring epic, twisted drama, political mystery, action comedy, sci-fi thriller and gritty adventure.

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Skyfall Star Ben Whishaw Insists: 'New Bond To Film This Year'

Ben Whishaw Daniel Craig

Skyfall star Ben Whishaw, who plays a youthful incarnation of gadget expert Q in the latest Bond film, has hinted that the follow-up to the massively successful 007 movie may be ready to begin filming as early as this year.

Speaking to The Radio Times, the actor revealed that the next instalment of the Bond franchise could begin filming in as little as 'about ten months’ from now, should everything continue to go to plan. Whishaw was quick to cover his tracks though, should things fall behind schedule with the film, adding, ‘Well, hopefully. Let’s hope so!’

Whishaw and 007 himself, Daniel Craig, have confirmed their place in the follow-up Bond film, with Craig signed on to appear in at least three more Bond films. One person who is yet to commit to the follow-up, but has voiced interest, is Skyfall director Sam Mendes, who admitted at last weeks BAFTAs that he would 'certainly consider' stepping behind the camera again, but wont commit until he has seen a script.

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James Bond Star Drops Next Film's Date By Accident – Whoops!

Ben Whishaw Daniel Craig

Ben Whishaw, who plays MI6 technical expert Q in Skyfall, has managed to relight the 007 fire just a week before The Oscars are set to celebrate the franchise’s 50 year anniversary, by hinting at a filming date for the 24th Bond film.

Speaking to The Radio Times, who were keen to find out if he had been in touch with Daniel Craig, Wishaw said, "we know that we'll probably be back together again in about ten months." Then, realising he’d possibly let the cat out of the bag, he quickly said, "Well, hopefully. Let's hope so!" Too late Ben, too late. Whishaw also talked about the reality of Craig doing more Bond films: "I know that he’s doing the next three so I’m not thinking beyond that. We’ve got to just get through those first," he said before opening up his character as the infamous Q. "Well obviously I would like just for him to be in it more!" he joked.

Lots of talk has surrounded Craig’s return as Bond, with some reports suggesting he wouldn’t be happy with a quick turnaround to make another film. Idris Elba was then mooted to take over as 007, becoming the first black James Bond in the process. As for the director, it looks as if Mendes has done enough to stay in the driver’s seat. He recently indicated he would be open to a second Bond film, saying: "we would want to make a better movie next time around".

On Borrowed Time: BBC Two Axes Dominic West Starring 'The Hour'

Dominic West Ben Whishaw

BBC Two has decided against renewing newsroom drama The Hour for a third series, the corporation has confirmed. The show, starring Dominic West and Ben Whishaw, followed the lives of fictional BBC journalists at the Old Lime Grove studios in London, and despite showing early promise in its first run, failed to pull in the viewers for its sophomore season. Whishaw's performance as idealistic reporter Freddie Lyons was no doubt instrumental in his casting of Q in Sam Mendes' James Bond movie Skyfall.

The show, penned by Shame and The Iron Lady writer Abi Morgan, received multiple award nominations and drew around 2.2 million viewers for its first season. However, its second run pulled in just 1.47 millions on average, despite getting nods at the BAFTAs, Emmys and the Golden Globes. Broadcast magazine reported that Jane Fatherstone - chief executive of Kudos which produced the show - was "sad and disappointed," by the decision, as the original aim had been to produce three series. A BBC spokeswoman said, "We loved the show but have to make hard choices to bring new shows through."

Though it's bad news for The Hour cast and crew, it's hard to conceive its lead stars will be short of work in the near future. In fact, it was recently announced that Dominic West would play Welsh acting legend Richard Burton in a BBC Four drama charting his relationship with Elizabeth Taylor. Whishaw recently completed filming Terry Gilliam's computer hacker drama The Zero Theorem with Christoph Waltz and Matt Damon.

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Skyfall Review

Very Good
Things get very personal for 007 in this high-quality thriller, which keeps us gripped even if it never gets our pulses racing. This shouldn't be surprising, since the director is Sam Mendes, known for more dramatic movies like American Beauty and Revolutionary Road. And he gives the film a deep gravitas that we're not used to in the Bond franchise, as well as coaxing the cast to darkly introspective performances.

That's not to say the action is lacklustre. The opening sequence in Istanbul is a riotous chase through the city streets, across the rooftops and onto a train rocketing through a mountainous landscape. At the end of this, Bond (Craig) is presumed dead while the baddie gets away with a list of Western spies. As he starts releasing names publicly, things get difficult for MI6 boss M (Dench), who is pressured to resign by a government minister (Fiennes). So when Bond returns, M puts him on the case, sending him to Shanghai, where he stalks a mysterious woman (Marlohe) to Macau and meets the camp villain Silva (Bardem). Back in Britain, Silva leads Bond and M on a nasty cat-and-mouse chase that ends up at Skyfall, Bond's ancestral home in the Highlands.

Unlike the usual Bond baddie, Silva isn't remotely interested in global domination or incredible wealth: he has a very personal score to settle, which means that there's no ticking time-bomb underneath the action. In other words, Bond is fighting to save his life, not the planet. Which makes the film feel oddly smaller than we expect. On the other hand, this also allows the filmmakers and actors to develop the relationships more intriguingly than usual. Most notable is the close connection between Bond and M, played with with edgy subtlety by Craig and Dench while Bardem steals every scene with his witty innuendo.

Other characters are strong as well, including Harris as Bond's spy colleague, Whishaw as the clever gadget-geek Q, and an almost unrecognisable Finney as Bond's oldest friend. And Marlohe stirs in the only hint of sex and mystery. Each adds life and energy to the film, as does a continual stream of references to 50 years of Bond movies. Some of these are subtle (a 1962 Scotch) while others get a laugh (that iconic Aston Martin DB5). And along the way, Mendes laces the personal drama with political intrigue and some spectacularly staged action scenes. It's consistently entertaining, even if it's dark and thoughtful rather than exhilarating and fun.

Rich Cline

'Bond' Singer Adele To Follow In The Footsteps Of Shirley Bassey

Adele Shirley Bassey Nancy Sinatra Jack White Daniel Craig Sam Mendes Judi Dench Javier Bardem Ralph Fiennes Naomie Harris Ben Whishaw

Adele’s ‘Bond’ theme will see the London songstress follow in the footsteps of singing greats Shirley Bassey and Nancy Sinatra, both of whom are responsible for recording some of the most recognizable 007 tunes in the secret agent’s 50 years in film.

The multiple Grammy award winner had long been rumoured to be handed the prestigious role for Sam Mendes’ forthcoming ‘Skyfall’ – again starring Daniel Craig – and Total confirmed the speculation this week. Adele’s single, named after the new movie, will be the first release from the star since ‘Turning Tables’ from her much-feted ‘21’ album. Given her phenomenally successful couple of years, Adele will certainly be a popular choice for the job and she boasts the kind of heavyweight soulful voice synonymous with the theme tune. One thing’s for sure: it’s almost certain to be an improvement on the poorly received tune ‘Another Way to Die’ by Jack White and Alicia Keys from 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’.

‘Skyfall’ – set to open in the UK on October 26 – stars Daniel Craig, alongside Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw.

Skyfall Trailer

James Bond, the legendary MI6 spy we all know and love, is starting to struggle with his own morality in terms of his government job. A psychiatrist notices his unhealthy associations with bits of his career which puts doubts in his future capability. In addition to that, his trust in his boss M is put to the test as her past starts to creep back up on her. MI6 is then place under threat by a nefarious villain known as Raoul Silva. Though, with 007 questioning his own loyalty to the government, just how far is he willing to go to protect it?

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Skyfall Trailer

James Bond struggles with his career, experiencing lassitude and depression concerning his MI6 role as becomes clear when he is analysed by a government psychiatrist. His allegiance to MI6 chief M is put to the test when secrets from her past come back plague her. The secret service organisation becomes under serious threat and it is safe to assume that villain Raoul Silva is behind it all. How far will agent 007 go this time to eliminate the threat?

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The Tempest Trailer

For over 12 years Prospera and her daughter Miranda have been exiled by Prospera's brother to a baron island where they live a life of solitude accompanied only by spirits and one non-spiritual occupant; Caliban, the son of a witch who died just before the arrival of the two human souls.

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Bright Star Trailer

Watch the trailer for Bright Star

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I'm Not There Review

We first meet the real Bob Dylan, lit by a spotlight and blowing into a harmonica with his eyes turned ever-downward, at the very end of Todd Haynes' I'm Not There. (The footage comes from a concert filmed in the 1960's.) Though there are six evocations of our hero's persona and dozens of references to his words and images, his actual visage is kept under lock and key until the solemn credits. To Haynes, the mystery of who the man is behind closed doors should stay that way: Behind closed doors tends to be pretty tedious if not downright boring. It's more fun to extrapolate: In the open valleys of cultural myth, a celebrity can become any number of things.

At first, he's a young, train-hopping wanderer who has taken the name Woody (Marcus Carl Franklin), from his hero Woody Guthrie. He also plays a guitar with "This Machine Kills Fascism" painted on it. Later, the man appears as an aged Billy the Kid (Richard Gere) who can't understand why the locals are being bullied out of their land by a decrepit Pat Garrett (Bruce Greenwood). Fitfully, the sequences are shot in the dusty browns of Peckinpah and the hippie westerns of the late 1960s and 1970s. Both stories, along with the others, are consistently interrupted by a press conference with poet Arthur Rimbaud (Ben Whishaw), who speaks in a particularly American sarcasm while scrutinizing everyone who questions him, half-mumbling with cigarette in hand.

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Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer Review

Like chugging a $200 bottle of pinot noir while feeding a steady methamphetamine habit, Tom Tykwer's take on Patrick Suskind's perverse classic Perfume takes out all the novel's dark teases and replaces them with his patented conniption-fit editing streaks and flashy color sweeps.

Since birth, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (newcomer Ben Whishaw) has had a curiously strong sense of smell, bordering on superhuman. Born and continuously dropped-off under bad signs, Jean-Baptiste eventually makes his way to Paris where he becomes the apprentice of Baldini (Dustin Hoffman), an elderly perfumer who was once famous for his flourishing scents. Baldini wants to be able to compete with modern perfumers, but Jean-Baptiste has loftier ambitions. After murdering a young fruit girl, Grenouille becomes obsessed with cultivating the scent of women by any means possible. He leaves Baldini and heads for Grasse, the supposed kingdom of scent, where he encounters Antoine Richis (Alan Rickman) and his fiery, redheaded daughter (Rachel Hurd-Wood). It is here that Grenouille perfects away of capturing the scent of women and begins collecting the 12 women that will compose his ultimate scent... by paying with their lives.

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