Review of Welcome to the North Single by The Music

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The Music - Welcome to the North - Single Review

Revitalised and seemingly impervious to the collapse of Hut Recordings, those four lads from Yorkshire have unleashed the title track from their incredible album ‘Welcome to the North’.

A rip-roaring, beast of a tune with a riff to die for, ‘Welcome to the North’ is an outstanding example of where the Northern music scene is at the moment.

With the unmistakable vocals of Robert Harvey soaring brazenly over this thunderous track, The Music has brought it right back to where they began with a gritty and audacious take on life by the Pennines.

The Music - Welcome to the North - Single Review

Legendary for their incredible touring schedules, The Music have won veneration from their fans and admiration from their peers; the release of their newest single certainly puts pay to any rumours that this band are a one trick pony.

‘Welcome to the North’ is a tremendous tune and will certainly get your feet a-stompin’ – without question.