The Music - Town Hall, Leeds Live Review

Live review of The Music at Leeds Town Hall on Wednesday July 2nd 2008

The Music

Their forth tour of the year and the first since the release of their comeback record "Strength In Numbers", The Music's current jaunt sees them return to their home city at a venue more likely to host conferences and dances. Sold-out and buzzing with anticipation, the atmosphere certainly doesn't hint at an act whose previous release was four years ago.

Cracking out the electrifying riff of "Take The Long Road And Walk It", they are near-relentless in performing tracks that see the crowd bouncing with enthusiasm that is only matched by singer Robert Harvey's passionate dancing. New tracks such as "Fire" and "The Spike" have obviously found favour with their fanbase and mixed in with oldies such as "Welcome To the North", the temperature continually rises and the floor constantly strains. "Human" and "Idle" provide a moment to recover, but conscious in the lull of tempo, the band crack out "Strength In Numbers", which once again has the put in full action.

A nod to their hardcore fans sees B-side "Jag Tune" given an airing, but predictably it's the likes of "Freedom Fighters" and "The People" which receive the loudest reaction, no wonder given the awesome guitar work which drives both tracks. Even a moment of technical difficulty is covered up by Harvey confidently engaging in a solo moment, before "No Weapon Sharper Than Will" gets proceedings back on track. As has become customary, the tribal "Bleed From Within" merges into a percussion onslaught that ends the night with every pair of hands clapping along. It is a reaction which vindicates the band's return from the musical wilderness, and further enhances a reputation as a premier live act.

Alex Lai

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