The Music - The Cockpit, Leeds Live Review

The Music
The Cockpit, Leeds
Wednesday April 16, 2008
Live Review

The Music

Cast your mind back to the autumn of 2002 and you may remember that the release of this Leeds band's debut record had the music press salivating at their potential. Their combination of rock riffs with dance grooves was so well received that at the 2003 Carling Festival they headlined the second stage as an alternative to Metallica, but things went downhill with album two in 2004.

Fast-forward 4 years and The Music are on the second of three legs to their 'Four Cities' tours. Despite the fact that no new material has yet been released, all the dates of venues that have gradually increased in size are sold out. It just goes to show that quality music is never forgotten, especially when the quartet arrive and blast out "Take The Long Road And Walk It", their breakthrough track all those years ago. Robert Harvey may no longer sport a shaggy hairstyle, but the voice is most certainly still there as are his famed dance moves. The airing of "The Truth Is No Words" and "Freedom Fighters" is like a manic party to greet old friends - The Music have definitely been missed by their native audience.

So what of the new material? Most striking is "The Spike", an amazing rock and rhythm infusion which captures the ears and feet in one listen, while "Drugs" is a dark and brooding tune that still manages to encourage dancing. Touted comeback single "Strength In Numbers" already has fans singing along by it's conclusion, and placed alongside old favourites such as the riotous "The People" and closer "Bleed From Within", you don't get the impression that this is a band that has been away on a prolonged hiatus. Energetic and tellingly enthusiastic, they show no sign of being rusty and indeed put on a performance which justifies their aforementioned position as performing at a rival time to one of music's legendary acts. While Muse are currently recognised as one of the premier live groups, it is no exaggeration to state that The Music are pushing to the same level and could just be the surprise comeback of the year.

Alex Lai

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