Review of Ardour Album by Teebs

Mtendere Mandowa aka Teebs is certainly a creative individual whose journey as a skater and artist led him to become a musician. Hailing from New York his move to LA influenced his journey into the electronic music scene. He certainly has proved his ability landing a track on Mary Anne Hobbs's Wild Angels compilation and attending the 2008 Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. This rapid rise presented the opportunity to meet Flying Lotus who grabbed Teebs into the Brainfeeder stable.

Teebs Ardour Album

'Ardour' is Teebs first album release on Brainfeeder. It certainly fits the label ethos as it showcases innovative style and creative compositions. It certainly isn't based on song structure, more playful production into the realms of ambient electronic and peaceful overtones that take you into the ethereal realms of relaxation. It's certainly ambitious as a first album, there's no compromise when it comes to what it represents and makes a very clear progressive statement. In terms of its production it's not ground breaking but it's certainly well put together in an understated way that creates mood and atmosphere, rather than blatant or overcomplicated noise. The result is a subtle journey into the realms of electro sonic harmony that is soothing and calm.

'Ardour' is good first album by Teebs although it's not going to suit everyone. The vision Teebs creates represents progressive thinking and I love the way he hasn't sold out or uncompromised his integrity. I could easily see how this album could be lost on many as it doesn't seem to deviate too much from track to track but those that understand the Sunday comedown or feel the 'oneness' connection will get something from this. Not bad at all and thumbs up from me!

Tareck Ghoneim

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