Review of Revolving Single by Spark

Ignite the fuse - a spark in the music scene has arrived. Spark, also known as Jess Morgan, started writing songs at the age of twelve, and after a serendipitous chain of events - including a school performance of Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' - Spark is now tipped for greatness in 2011. And if her debut single Revolving is anything to go by, these claims are perfectly accurate.

Spark Revolving Single

Merging very cleverly a 80s sound with a modern retrofunk guitar rift, Revolving is an enchanting electronic journey into synth and glamour. It is a great mix between what would appear on the albums of Girls Aloud, Marina and the Diamonds, and Diana Vickers - which is great as she is about to support Diana Vickers on tour this month. Having written it herself, it is obvious that Jess knows exactly the type of artist she wants to be. The B-side track, Wrap, was originally a joke track that Spark created at 4am on her laptop after someone told her she should rap on a track. Revealing her humorous side, it works very well and it reveals that this girl is no one-trick pony; she can do anything and make it look cool.

It is ironic that she feels like a 'wind-up doll with no place to be' because we are already saving shelf space for her. It is very exciting to see where Spark goes next, but one thing is certain; she will have to work hard to set herself apart from all the other female artists dominating the charts at the moment. She is sounding great, but she can't fall in the trap of sounding like a copycat of a band like Marina and the Diamonds. Either way, great things are destined for Jess Morgan. Prepare to be blinded by this spark.

4 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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