With 2017 comes another painful loss of a great musician. Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has tragically passed away, leaving behind a grunge legacy that will last for generations to come. Soundgarden was one of the most loved bands of the 90s, and here are ten tracks that prove just why that was.

Soundgarden's 10 best songsSoundgarden's 10 best songs

1. Black Hole Sun - Their first number one on the US Mainstream Rock chart and the song that won them won of their two Grammys, for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1995. It was from their hit fourth album 'Superunknown' and is now arguably their most famous song. Chris Cornell previously said that he wrote it in 15 minutes, not thinking that anyone would be interested. It sure showed him!

2. Spoonman - The song that won them their other Grammy, for Best Metal Performance, that same year. All about a street busker, it was originally meant to feature on the soundtrack to the 1992 Pearl Jam film 'Singles, but instead became one of the most popular tracks on the US chart topping album 'Superunknown'.

3. Hands All Over - From their earlier album 'Louder Than Love' in 1989, and probably won of their most criminally underappreciated tunes. Soundgarden were quite well known for featuring cover songs in their B-sides, and 'Hands All Over' was the first to do so with their rendition of The Beatles' 'Come Together' accompanying this single.

4. By Crooked Steps - Meanwhile, this Mainstream Rock chart topper is a much later hit, released in 2013 off the back of their comeback album 'King Animal' and featured a video directed by Dave Grohl. A poignant song for many reasons, one being that a clip for the song was posted on Chris Cornell's Instagram hours before his death. He is, indeed, 'the shape of the hole' inside grunge fans' hearts.

5. Pretty Noose - This Grammy nominated tune featured on their 1996 album 'Down on the Upside' and was all about things being too good to be true. The violence in the original video stopped it being shown on MTV, so in the end they reluctantly recored a much simpler alternative visual.

6. Live to Rise - The only other recent track on this list and one that was recorded for the soundtrack to the 2012 Marvel film 'The Avengers'. It was released as a free download initially, and it came just before the release of their comeback album 'King Animal'. 

7. Rhinosaur - Another song from 'Down on the Upside' which was actually a B-side to the single 'Ty Cobb', but strangely enough did a lot better. It reached number 19 on the Mainstream Rock charts while 'Ty Cobb' failed to make any impression on the charts. 

8. Fell on Black Days - 'Superunknown''s fifth and final single and a truly angst-ridden grunge anthem. It has been featured in two episodes of the TV show 'Supernatural' and in one episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' that was conveniently titled 'Black Hole Sun'.

9. Rusty Cage - So good that even Johnny Cash did a cover of it for his Grammy winning 1996 album 'Unchained', and both versions have been used extensively in TV shows and video games. The original was released in 1992 on Soundgarden's break-out third album 'Badmotorfinger' which didn't top any charts but did go multi-Platinum.

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10. Outshined - The second best song from 1991's 'Badmotorfinger', and one that was repeatedly featured on the later compilation albums. It featured in the 1993 film 'True Romance' and was even reference by Nirvana's Kurt Cobain himself in the documentary 'Montage of Heck'.