Review of Ghosts Single by Max Raptor

Before you even listen to this record, you can guess by the band's name that the music is going to be loud, energetic and mad! And this is exactly what's delivered.

Max Raptor Ghosts Single

If you're worried about getting up the morning after the night before, set your stereo alarm to play Ghosts. Not only will it wake you up but it will wake up the whole street and maybe the entire block. Max Raptor don't hold back with this single, simply said it's immediate; guitar riffs swirl, drums are beaten rather than played, it's as if the band have got all their pent up anger and channeled it perfectly in this loud, up tempo and full of rage single.

'Ghosts' is an interesting proposition and leaves you wondering whether their album will be able to keep up with the pace of this loud, fast and even as crazy track.


Mark Moore