Actress Linda Hamilton has made a public apology to her first husband BRUCE ABBOTT for making his life a misery with her undiagnosed bipolar problems.

THE TERMINATOR star was diagnosed a manic depressive a decade ago and is now on medication to balance her moodswings, but when she married Abbott at 26, she had no idea why she felt so low, and made his life a living hell.

Hamilton appeared on yesterday's (17NOV04) OPRAH show to explain how her bipolar disorder wrecked her marriages to Abbott and movie-maker James CAMERON.

She explained, "I was very physical at times. I would grab him (Abbott) by the legs and refuse to let him leave me. Once, I threw a glass of water in his face. I would make him suffer.

"I think that after a while my dark dark place began to swallow him up whole. He lived in fear of me. He left me saying I was a bully.

"I acted out a tremendous amount in my first marriage, especially, with no clue as to what was really going on - the depression, the disappearing into books.

"I married my husband and, for a year, I didn't speak to him; I just read books. It was very difficult to explain that behaviour but I was in hiding.

"If he had done a small accidental thing to hurt my feelings I couldn't recover."

18/11/2004 02:31