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Elijah Wood Wants To Reboot Children Of The Corn

Elijah Wood wants to reimagine 'Children of the Corn'.The 'Lord of the Rings' has produced several horror films for his SpectreVision production company and revealed that he wants to reboot the 1984 movie based on...

Mackenzie Davis Rules Out Terminator: Dark Fate Sequel

Mackenzie Davis believes it is ''quite insane'' to think that people want a sequel to 'Terminator: Dark Fate'.The 33-year-old actress played the role of Grace Harper in the sci-fi action flick, although she suggests that...

Mackenzie Davis Is Unsure Of Her Comedic Talents

Mackenzie Davis wants to star in more comedy movies - but she's not sure if she's suited to the genre.The 33-year-old actress stars alongside Steve Carell and Chris Cooper in Jon Stewart's new political-comedy film...

Linda Hamilton Looks Badass In First Image From James Cameron's 'Terminator' Sequel

After the rather meagre success of 2015's 'Terminator Genisys', it does seem rather a courageous move to launch yet another sequel so soon in its wake. But the forthcoming sixth installment actually looks promising, and...

Linda Hamilton Set To Return To 'The Terminator' Franchise For Sixth Film

The Terminator film franchise is set to welcome back a familiar face, after actress Linda Hamilton signed up for the upcoming sixth instalment this week – 26 years after she last appeared in the movies.According...

New Crime Drama Beauty And The Beast Is Looking Pretty Ugly

If you had high hopes for the new CW drama, Beauty and The Beast, then prepare to have them dashed. The new series, which is based on the 1980s show starring Linda Hamilton and Ron...

Hamilton: 'I Voted For Schwarzenegger'

TERMINATOR star LINDA HAMILTON voted for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in the 2003 Governor of California elections, even through she's a fervent Democrat. The actress, who played resistance fighter Sarah Connor in the first two Terminators, initially...

Hamilton Thanks Doctor For Bipolar Help

Celebrity bipolar sufferer LINDA HAMILTON has her family doctor to thank for balancing out her erratic moodswings after he spotted manic depression as she played a schizophrenic in a movie. THE TERMINATOR star knew...

Hamilton Opens Up About First Marriage Hell

Actress LINDA HAMILTON has made a public apology to her first husband BRUCE ABBOTT for making his life a misery with her undiagnosed bipolar problems. THE TERMINATOR star was diagnosed a manic...

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