When 11.02.2013

'Escape From Planet Earth' stars Jane Lynch and Craig Robinson are interviewed at a press junket for the movie at The Waldorf Astoria in New York. They discuss their characters, their favourite places to escape to and their upcoming projects.

Asked who in their family will be most impressed with the movie, Craig says he thinks his niece will be and Jane thinks her daughter Haden will be also. 'I think the fact that I'm loud and. have anger issues I think Haden will dig that', she says. Craig mentions that mannerisms and facial expressions were a big part of voice acting in the animation. '[Cal Brunker the director's] note to me was always like 'Come on, let him smile, Doc is always positive, always looking at the bright side'', he explains. Craig also says that his favourite place to be is Brazil while Jane loves the New York life.


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