Review of Insurrection ft Linton Kwesi Johnso Single by Hiatus

Insurrection n. a violent uprising or revolt against established authority.-Derivatives insurrectionary adj, insurrectionist n. & agj, from insurgere 'rise up'.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the 81' Brixton riots Hiatus has collaborated with the celebrated dub reggae poet Linton Kwesi Johnson for his next single release, 'Insurrection'. In an almost absurdly timed piece of synchronisation Britain seems to have looped full circle on itself to replicate many social, cultural and economic situations. A Conservative lead government as keen to sell off assets as it seems to go to war, the banking and financial sectors disproportionate influence on everyday life and continual unease within some communities where racial tension remains unresolved and potentially volatile. (If you needed any further proof that history really does repeat itself I believe there was also a Royal wedding of some significance, for C&D, read C&W!)

Hiatus himself "has long been fascinated by the events of April 1981" and is well aware of the alarming similarities..."We're facing financial meltdown and mass unemployment, we're having our libraries closed and forests sold, and we're seeing disabled protesters ripped from wheelchairs when they try to sound the alarm on the streets of London. If there was ever a time to reflect on the UK's largest outpouring of community anger in recent centuries, this is it." While some of the developing world has chosen recently to find a voice and vehicle to vent its anger and frustration 'Insurrection' reminds us of a time when our own countrymen were driven to such direct, destructive and decisive action.

Hiatus Insurrection ft Linton Kwesi Johnso Single

In securing the performance of the latterly unheard Linton Kwesi Johnson Hiatus has profited before a note was even played. By bringing into play a semi-retired contemporary poet of such renown the track is given more kudos and more authority whilst simultaneously enjoying the distinction of being both a fabulous curiosity and a wonderfully productive partnership. As a follow up to last years string laden 'Save Yourself' the track also highlights the many influences from which Hiatus has drawn to produce his evocative music.

'Insurrection' has a wickedly warped backward tracking beat that underscores the narrative vocal. The track is interspersed with piquant percussive touches and a looping piano lament over which Hiatus harmonises the chorus, sounding at times rather like Seal. A piece of history succinctly and superbly captured.

"Babylon, them cause such a friction, that it bring about a great insurrection."

Andrew Lockwood.

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