Review of Save Yourself Single by Hiatus

Save Yourself is the latest single taken from the album 'Ghost Notes' by Hiatus, a.k.a Cyrus Shahrad. Billed as the of 'Embodiment of Middle Eastern melancholy and cinematic electronica' it is due for its digital only release on 13th December. Having already taken the ear of some prominent DJ's, as well as Si 'Bonobo' Green, whom Hiatus has previously supported, Save Yourself, and the album from which it is released, have had a fair degree of popular feed back.

Hiatus is not one to make light of how is music is formed or dehveloped, or from where his influences and references are derived either. You get the impression that he takes his music very seriously. Written during and about the break down in a long term relationship, Save Yourself, Hiatus tells us, is 'About going through periods of extraordinary darkness and seeking salvation in all the wrong places, before finally realising that the only person who can save you is yourself.' Drawing on samples from his Persian fathers record collection as well as his previous incarnation as a DJ who didn't do melody Cyrus has produced a blend of chilled out electro awash with a mesmeric dreaminess.

Hiatus Save Yourself Single

The looping electro is interspersed with Middle Eastern touches akin to Baaba Maal's 'Call To Prayer. Sampling 'Take The Ribbons From Your Hair' repetitively throughout as the music gathers and falls behind serves as a constant to the gradually undulating textures of the track whilst the occasional violin heightens the moody atmospherics of the minimal composition.

Save Yourself may not be an obvious choice as a single but then again Hiatus does not strike me as an obvious sort of man. Sit down relax and let it wash over you in waves of aural delight. 'Laying soft against your skin like the shadows on the wall.'

Andrew Lockwood.

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