Florence and the Machine marked a triumphant return to London with a sold out performance at British Summer Time, in Hyde Park on Saturday 2 July 2016. Upon making her entrance to the stage Florence promised a magical set with a homecoming gig in support of her successful 3rd album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Florence + The Machine

Making a gracious entrance to the stage Florence and the band open with 'What the Water Gave Me', a dark and eerie start to a 16 song set spanning her 3 #1 records.

Ship to Wreck lightened the mood with Florence owning the stage and being one of the most prominent frontwomen of this generation. Her charismatic and energetic persona is fully showcased as she runs across the stage frantically making the crowd sing along with her.

Queen of Peace featured an extended outro with dancers joining Florence on stage with the singer-songwriter herself taking part in the choreography.

Highlight of the set was What Kind of Man. The dark and heavy sound filled Hyde Park with ease and demonstrated Florence's creativity and evolvement as an artist willingness to push boundaries, we're all reminded why she's become so popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

The visual projection of her Odyssey project (which she worked on with director Vincent Haycock) were played in the background over the course of her performance and it really helped being the stage to life. The performance across the set was special and powerful watching Florence live up to her Glastonbury headline performance last year. The frontwoman kept the audiences energy at a high throughout her set and didn't dampen the mood with the rain and mud.