Review of Giants Album by Chicane

I guess we all thought we'd seen the last of Chicane, aside from the odd post Ibiza compilation video uploaded to YouTube. Well, it seems that best of album last year was just a tease. Giants is a new addition to the Chicane catalogue - and when I say new, I'm not including the recycling of a few well known tracks, but we'll get to that.

Chicane Giants Album

Giants is the fourth album - not including the greatest hits - from Chicane. If you are expecting anything ground breaking then you will be disappointed, but that's not to say that this is a disappointing album. All I am referring to is that Nick Bracegirdle has stuck to the Chicane rules. It must have guest vocals, a pop-synth sound, and Ibiza familiarity.

Despite the fact that Giants offers nothing in the realm of new and dynamic, it has attracted guest appearances, and stolen samples. Get ready for a bit more 80's with the addition of 'Cars' on the track 'Hiding All The Stars'. Add to this, Lemar, Adam Young, and a whole host of other vaguely recognisable and clearly well chosen vocals. The whole album has a definite 80's influence throughout it.

'Come Back' is perfect radio friendly material. In fact, it raises the question of why 'middledistancerunner' (yes, all one word) was chosen as the current single over this. Screaming out Paul Young's 'Come Back and Stay', it has the perfect amount of repetitive well known riffs and lyrics, but perhaps a little too long. This track even got upgraded from shuffle to repeat a couple of times with me.

Of course there is an appearance for 'Poppiholla', again a rework from 'Hoppipolla' by Sigur Ros. Forever to be associated with the BBC and Sir David Attenborough anyway, this remix is barely any different from the 2009 version, but has still earned itself a place.

In places the delicately clear notes and sytnths offer the mood of an Ibiza lounge or Café del Mar type album. Typical Chicane chill out again then. Current fans will not be displeased and it's never going offend you if you can take your dance music, but it's also not really going to attract newcomers to the world of Chicane.

As a chill out goes, this is good. Dress it up into a dance album, or dress down for chill out. Giants has the ability to qualify as both.

Laura Johnstone

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