Review of Light It Up Single by Blood Red Shoes

Brighton-based band Blood Red Shoes have been working very hard recently. Already having released two albums, and toured over 12 countries, their real breakthrough was in 2008 with their debut album Box of Secrets. Light it up is the debut single off their second album, Fire Like this, and whilst having an energetic rift, the track fails to light anything up really.

Blood Red Shoes Light It Up Single

The single is a mid-tempo anthemic track that highlights and possibly explains this band's mass appeal. The song is quite unusual in that it doesn't have a stereotypical chorus, instead being replaced by a quite-annoying refrain that simply repeats uninspiringly 'Hey, light it up'. Whilst the verses reveal true maturity in the lyrics and a great guitar rift in the middle 8 propels this single from just being a generic album filler track, there is not too much that allow us to praise the track. Whilst it's a good listen, it is hardly unique or something worth getting too excited about.

Blood Red Shoes have a very bright future ahead for them if 2010 is anything to have gone by. However, it becomes quite ironic when they sing 'it's old, it's old, it's old and worn out' because if they are to be commercially recognised, they are going to have to diverge away from tracks like this which sound like everything else that has already been done to death in the charts. Let's hope they really do 'light it up' next time round.

2 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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