Sam Worthington wouldn't want to see a James Bond film with him starring in it.

'The Debt' star was shortlisted to one of the final three actors to take on the role of the iconic spy - which eventually went to Daniel Craig - but is ultimately glad he didn't get it, because the last Australian star to take on the role was sacked after just one film.

He said: "Do you know what? I wouldn't want to see a James Bond movie with me in it anyway'. The last time there was an Australian as James Bond it was GEORGE LAZENBY and he f***ed it up. I don't want to be the new George Lazenby. But, you know, I learned a lot from that, which I took to the 'Avatar' auditions."

Sam, 35, went on to win high profiles roles as Jake Sully in 'Avatar' and Perseus in 'Clash of the Titans' but gets upset when he's criticised for being over-exposed.

He added: "For many years I didn't work. I was unemployed. It's weird now that I get criticised for working. You can't f***ing win, can you? In my mind, if you don't want to see my movies, dont' go and see them.

"I just try and do as many jobs as I can, build up the calibre of my work and make the director and the audience happy."