Hollywood actor Russell Crowe suffered a nightmare on his Australian cattle farm this week (beg22Apr13) when a truck careered out of control and plunged into a dam.

The Gladiator star owns a ranch in Nana Glen, New South Wales and he took to Twitter.com to recount a terrifying accident on Monday (22Apr13) when a farm worker lost control of a vehicle.

The truck smashed through a fence, plunged into an expanse of water and sank. Crowe, who was at the farm with his two young sons, writes in a series of posts on Twitter.com, "What a morning... Farm staffer jumps out of truck, top of the hill, handbrake fails, trucks careens through a fence, 300m (metres) into a dam... boys and I follow its path of destruction, as it is sinking, windscreen wipers keep going, good advert for Toyota... Brother arrives with the John Deere (tractor), gets in freezing dam to hook up the truck, beautiful job retrieving the submarine."

No one was hurt in the accident, and Crowe revealed his youngest son, six-year-old Tennyson, was enthralled by all the drama. He adds, "Youngest announces 'Best day on the farm ever'... no one hurt, only pride."