Speed Kings Review

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Speed Kings

Racing fans will probably notice the similarities in this game with Acclaims previous arcade racer, Burnout 2 but with motorcycles rather than cars.

The game can be best described as a traditional arcade racer which has really gone unnoticed, which, in a way is a shame because it is actually quite a good game, the game isn’t perfect by any means but it has been successful in the area in which other games have failed, enjoyment, the game really is a lot of fun to play.

Speed Kings basically requires you to ride at high speeds while performing crazy stunts and participating in reckless behaviour.

The game offers various modes for players to race in, there are three single-player modes include single races, meets, and grand prix, which allows you to become the ultimate King, racing in a string of races over eighteen different tracks, which are unlocked as you progress through the game. The game boasts twenty two motorcycles based on real road, and street bikes. The game also allows players to engage in multiplayer games including single race, tag, a trick challenge, a best-of-three championship etc.

PS2 - Speed Kings Review

The gameplay is impressive, with some slightly unusual additions for example tapping triangle will cause your rider to lie the bike on its side at high speeds and slide under obstacle e.g. gates or lorry’s. The games control setup is also well done, the response and physics of the motorcycles also feel very good.

A great aspect of the game is that it isn’t just racing, the game offers jumps and obstacle such as traffic, which not only must you navigate around you often have to slide under and jump over, demanding quite quick gaming.

Similar to Burnout, the crazier you ride in Speed Kings, the more boost you get which allows you to travel even faster. The game also allows the player to perform a fairly limited amount of tricks such as surfing, handstands, wheelies and endoes. Challenges will also appear to gain respect like doing a boost start, twenty ‘dings’ or popping a 1000 foot wheelie. Another thing you will notice when playing the game is that the opposition always keeps up you ensuring the races stay competitive.

Speed Kings is also a game that visually is very good, the tracks surrounding environment isn’t the most impressive but this can be overlooked as you spend most of your time whizzing around the track at incredibly high speeds anyway.

The impression of speed is also portrayed very well, with a blur effect used when you use the boost to give the impression that you are going faster than you are supposed to. Its also well worth mentioning the spectacular crashes, the game offers, fans of Burnout who prefer bikes to cars will certainly enjoy this game.Sound wise, the game doesn’t let down with a good range of sound effects and music. Engine sounds, crashes and tire sequels all feature. The music in the game isn’t really a focus point, allowing players to focus more on the tracks.

This is a game really worth checking out it’s a good racer that does a good job in portraying an insane sense of speed which requires quick reactions for navigating around traffic and sliding under vehicles, Speed Kings in general offers enough depth for fans of arcade racers and is worth the investment.

7out of 10