Scooby Doo: First Frights - Character Reveal, first look at the game

Fred and Velma Character Reveals

Scooby Doo: First Frights is a hair-raising action adventure game that lets you take on the role of a young Scooby Doo as well as teenage versions of the newly formed Mystery, Inc. to solve their very first cases. Due for release alongside the Warner Premiere DVD, Scooby Doo: First Frights.

You can expect teeth-chattering suspense, as well as all the trademark Scooby Doo charm and classic Shaggy humour in this family title that is full of fun.

Formats: Wii, DS and PS2

Genre:) Action/adventure

Release date: Sept '09

Age rating:) 7+

Price: Wii - £29.99, DS - £29.99, PS2 - £19.99

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