Capcom Classics Collection - Volume 2


Capcom Classics Collection - Volume 2 is the second compilation pack released for the PS2 featuring 20 games from Capcom's huge back catalogue. In addition to the games are a number of interesting extras and bonuses which will no doubt please fans of the games.

As with compilations of any format the selection usually contains a handful of classics, some hidden and long forgotten gems and inevitably a number of fillers. If you are a fan of retro/old school gaming there is certainly a lot to take a look at in this collection and relive some old memories.

The games available span a period from around 1985 to 1993 and include:

1941; Avengers; Black Tiger; Block Block; Captain Commando; Eco Fighters; King of the Dragons; Knights of the Round; Last Duel; Magic Sword; Mega Twins; Quiz and Dragons; Side Arms; Street Fighter; Strider; Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo; The Speed Rumbler; Three Wonders; Tiger Road and Varth.

On first glance I was a little disappointed with the selection with only a few real big names standing out - Street Fighter 1&2, Strider and 1941.

I also found that many of the games fell into the same genre with the collection featuring a number of Golden Axe clones and Shoot-em-ups.

The real stand out games of the package is as follows:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - this is the version that features the debuts of Fei Long, Cammy, Deejay and T Hawk. The game is an all time classic and probably the best version of SF2 ever made - controls are still spot on and graphically it has aged well. One thing to note is that the difficulty is as unforgiving as ever however the tutorial awarded on completion will educate you on the finer points of the game.

Strider - A 2D action platformer which still looks great and is definitely a challenge.

1941 - Overhead shoot em up action in World War 2 planes - lots of action which will require a steady hand and a fast eye.

All of the games are emulated well and are seemingly arcade perfect which has not always been the case in a number of these retro packages. Sound and music is also kept intact and faithful to the original.

While graphics are `arcade perfect' bear in mind that these games are 10-15 years old and as such do not compare graphically to anything available today - this in itself may be enough to put some people off. On top of this it is, the package is a real eye opener as to how difficult games used to be - nowadays you expect to complete every game you buy on at least the normal difficulty - back in the day games were frustratingly difficult and required the patience of a saint and reactions of an F14 pilot to progress - again this may put many people off.

Overall this collection contains a decent slice of retro gaming although a little light on genuine classics - fans of retro gaming and any of the particular games included will enjoy the versions included as they are all good representations of the originals, however not all games have aged well and there is probably not enough here to entice new gamers.

Overall I give Capcom Classic Collection Volume 2...

6 out of 10