Picture - Nas, Madonna and Diplo -... Los Angeles California United States, Monday 9th February 2015

Nas, Madonna and Diplo - A variety of stars from the music industry all turned out in style to attend the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 9th February 2015

Picture - Diplo, Madonna and Nas -... Los Angeles California United States, Sunday 8th February 2015

Diplo, Madonna and Nas - A variety of stars from the music industry all turned out in style to attend the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 8th February 2015

'Nas: Time Is Illmatic' Marks The 20th Anniversary Of One Of The Greatest Ever Rap Albums [Trailer]

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The 1990s marked a turning point for rap and hip hop, with plenty of artists making their mark on the scene with seminal releases. Nas was one of them, and now his landmark debut 'Illmatic' is being explored in a telling documentary, 'Nas: Time Is Illmatic'.

'Nas: Time Is Illmatic' poster
'Time Is Illmatic' explores the legacy of Nas' debut

Like many young black men exposed to rap culture, Nas (born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones) was forced to live a life of fear and poverty as a youth, with guns and killings being a thing of daily terror. After his early collaborator Ill Will was shot dead and his brother injured in the process, it was time to write an album revealing the truth about ghetto culture - and the fear and rivalry that comes with it. 'Nas: Time Is Illmatic' explores his moving relationship with his parents against the grim backdrop of Queensbridge, as he rose up to become one of the greatest rapstars of all time.

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Nas: Time Is Illmatic

Picture - Faith Newman - A number... New York City United States, Tuesday 30th September 2014

Faith Newman - A number of celebrities turned out in style for the New York Premiere of documentary film 'Nas: Time Is Illmatic' in New York City, United States - Tuesday 30th September 2014

Picture - NAS - Rapper NAS performs... London United Kingdom, Saturday 19th July 2014

Nas - Rapper NAS performs at the LoveBox Festival in Victoria Park, London - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 19th July 2014

Picture - Nas and Nasir bin Olu... Ibiza Spain, Wednesday 9th July 2014

Nas and Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones - Rapper Nas (real name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones) performing at Ibiza Rocks Hotel in Ibiza - Ibiza, Spain - Wednesday 9th July 2014

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Swizz Beatz

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political prisoner's picture

political prisoner

I wuld like 2 take dis opportunity to salute wat nas and jay z,it shows maturity.im glad they realised it before it was to late,look at biggie ad pac we lost(future leaders,enterpreuners and warriours)To close i wuld to thank Nas for what he is doing for Zimbabweans and for africa as a whole exposing the Evil doing of Mugabe.For us zimbabweans 2 be free we need International support and the most important thing we need massive backup from our african neighbours not quiet diplomacy from mr Mbeki.

9 years 2 months ago
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SHAYoNN ent.'s picture

SHAYoNN ent.

Dear reader, i want 2 use this medium 2 inquire about how i cud get in touch with Naz or is management cos i'm a promoter in Nigeria-(WestAfrica)& my census a showed that he's well appreciated by the youths who believe he's their own b'cos of the name is Dad inherited"OLUDARA" which is a name by a tribe called Yoruba in my country & we wud want a reply as soon as possible.in my country we have had artist frm 50cent,wyclef,beenie man,and this weekend Akon wud be performin live in lagos & portharcourt. i wud be most grateful to get a reply on my email add above thank you, Mr S.Peters

9 years 9 months ago
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f_k nwa's picture

f_k nwa

f_k nwa subject:i love nas and the the way he treatted the probblem bettween him and jay_Z.now what about others that he have probblem with, nas will you coutinue to have enemise left at back why don`t settle ones and for all. be in peace with guys makes you live longer.now there are lots of people thinking evil things on you just be a little wise b4 they kick offi love u guys over there reading all will have,am about to flow out with songs it will reach to you all there thanks f_k nwa wide world entertainment inc.fknwa@yahoo.com or donfranballot@yahoo.com if you needs lettes news about new york guys just mail me thanks

8 years 7 months ago
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Singergirl33's picture


Hello Nas, I have to tell you how wonderful you are. Thank you for keeping it real at all times. I listen to all your music and you speak the truth. If it was'nt for you we probably would not have a Black/Afican American President. Keep doing what you're doing. You help a lot of black brothers to realize what is going on in this country. You also help them to realize that it is time to step up so that we can become a better people. Once again Thank you. I also wanted to invite you to my new Urban Social Networking site. Please stop by and show some love. Log On to: hoodhomies.com. This site is for everyone in love with music. It would really make my life great if you sign up.

5 years 11 months ago
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emscob's picture


Hey everyone. What does everyone think of Nas' new album? As part of my internship at Charm Factory they've asked my opinion on Nas. I checked out his myspace exclusive gig on The Hook Up and it's amazing. His performance is real energetic and you can tell he's enjoying putting out his new material. X

6 years 7 months ago
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chekm8's picture


nas you are the man. i dont care what people say but you are the man. you speak your mind. you say what people already have in their mind but don't have the guts to say. you are not only a representative of black people but of every1. music is not only about making money but using the oppotunity you have to make peace and spead the news out there about the way things are in the world.people like 50cent and young jeezy dont have the right to say anything about you. you are the best thing that ever happened to hip hop. these young rapers are killing hip hop and as much as they would like to deny it we all know its true. they all know it but non of them had the guts to say it out.record sales aint the onlything that matters in the world. there are a lot of dumb people in the world and less wise. so if you do your maths right you will see that the dumb stuff sales more.you are my voice keep on keeping it real. but dont just say it live it. the world needs more people like you to educate the ignorant people. i know that you have changed your mind about the title of your album but the title still lives with me in my heart. i understand the meaning of the word n****r and i would like to join you in the mission of taking the world to the new level.talk more about zimbabwe and the african issues boy. you are the reason why hip hop is in a comma, if it wasn't for you it could have been dead. you are the manpeace(chekm8 aka tbomid)all the way from southen africa

6 years 10 months ago
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King's picture


I love you Nas I believe that you are a genius a great man of history and the best to ever pic up the mic. ever since 1994 illmatic to the present i have been with you all the way. I support Nas in this new n****r album. keep it up God Son heart of the game QB chain #1 hip-hop music supplier.

7 years 4 months ago
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