Leona Lewis doesn't dress to shock.

The former 'X Factor' winner says her conservative and feminine sense of style reflects her personality and she likes to leave more daring and skimpy outfits to the likes of Rihanna.

Leona told LOOK magazine: ''I think my look's quite conservative, yet feminine. I never dress to shock. I like to be covered up and just show a little bit of midriff or my shoulders, or wear body-con to show off my figure. You can be subtly sexy without being too in your face.

''You wouldn't catch me dead in hotpants! I love Rihanna's style and I'm quite comfortable in myself, but it's just not me. Even if I had Kate Moss' body, I wouldn't.''

Despite her modest tastes, the star enjoys donning extravagant couture dresses for photo shoots, with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli being a firm favourite for his feminine creations.

She said: ''I've worn some incredible dresses, like a crazy orange Roberto Cavalli couture gown two years ago. It was handmade and huge. It made me feel amazing, like a princess.''

The 27-year-old singer has an enviable figure and is advocate of regular exercise and says horse-riding is a great way to keep her stomach toned and stay fit and healthy.

Leona admitted: ''I try to do bikram yoga three times a week and I've got a horse. Riding is quite physical and good for your core. I try to keep as healthy as I can for my mind as well as my body.''