Since their enormous and beautiful wedding in 2011, which two billion people managed to watch, we've all been wondering when Kate Middleton and Prince William will start their family. If the stories are true, it looks like 2013 will be their year, reports Life&Style. 

Jessica Hay is supposed to be a very close friend of the royal couple, having been to school with Kate since the age of 14 and attending the wedding, however, spreading their secrets all over the world isn't the mark of being particularly good pal. "They're planning to make an announcement in December," Jessica reveals. "I have this on the highest authority, and it's not to be taken lightly. It's going to be wonderful, happy news when it's announced." 

Although it is 'wonderful and happy news', apparently it isn't exactly the decision of Wills and Kate who seem to have taken orders from the palace about the state and possible habitation of Kate's womb. Apparently she "was told to put on weight by the palace in May and that 2013 would be the year they have a baby." Jessica said, "The royal family have been talking about William and Catherine having children for quite some time." 

Judging by what seems to be a great relationship between the couple, we're sure they'll make great parents, and Jessica agrees, saying that William will make a great 'hands-on' Dad. If the rumours are true then congrats to the happy pair! And if they're false then shame on Jessica Hay, and we'd have a suspicion that she'd be crossed off future guest lists for the royal couple.