The Duchess of Cambridge has been named Joint President of the Scout Association.

The 38-year-old royal paid a visit to the 12th Northolt Scout Group in north west London on Tuesday (29.09.20), where she joined youngsters toasting marshmallows on a fire and making paper aeroplanes before throwing them into the air.

Wearing a scout scarf, the duchess told the youngsters as they toasted the sweet treats: ''Make sure it doesn't get gooey and fall off.''

During her visit, Catherine talked with the cub scouts, where were aged between eight and 10 about the Care for Care Homes initiative they have taken part in to help reach out to local care home residents and bring them into the community, writing cards to them and putting messages on pebbles.

She said: ''That's a really lovely idea.

''It has been hard as no one can see each other. But these are really special. Well done you.''

And on the recommendation of chief scout Bear Grylls, she was also presented with the Silver Wolf Award, the association's highest honour for adult volunteers.

A Scouts spokesperson said: ''Scouts form a bond with people in the care homes, which helps connect those people to the wider community.''

Catherine previously volunteered with the organisation in 2012, when she and her husband Prince William lived on Anglesey, Wales, and she is ''delighted'' with her new role.

She said in a statement: ''For many children and young people, the Scout Association plays a key role as they build relationships and develop the skills they need to succeed in later life.

''When I volunteered with the Scouts on Anglesey eight years ago, I was struck by the huge impact the organisation has on inspiring young people to support their communities and achieve their goals.

''I am delighted to be joining the Duke of Kent as Joint President of the Association and look forward to working with Scouts across the country as they strive to make a positive difference to our society.''

It is hoped the duchess' appointment will encourage more people to volunteer with the youth groups.

A spokesperson added: ''She is a great inspiration to our leaders due to the support she offers.

''Much like Bear Grylls, the duchess demonstrates how brilliant it is to be a volunteer and work that those volunteers in support of young people.

''People in areas of deprivation are being disproportionately affected by coronavirus and our movement plans to put as many resources as possible into those areas.''

Queen Elizabeth's cousin, the Duke of Kent, has been President of the Scout Association since 1975.