Bruce Willis is hoping to join the ranks of Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton by releasing his own sex tapes.

The DIE HARD star came up with his own elaborate skit on pal DAVID LETTERMAN's late-night US TV show on Friday (04MAR05), in which he designed his own four-volume pornographic video set, and set about selling the idea to TV viewers.

Willis told host Letterman that he's so sick of stars getting screwed out of cash when sex tapes they star in get into the wrong hands and end up on the internet, he's going to release his own.

He said, "I have created my own BRUCE WILLIS AUTHORISED PRIVATE SEX TAPES. This is the first year, Volumes One through Four, packed with bonus features, hours and hours of never-before seen footage... and hilarious sex bloopers."

Willis quipped that film-maker Jerry Bruckheimer had directed the four films, which bore the comedy titles THE PASSION OF THE BRUCE, DIE HARD WITH A FLIGHT ATTENDANT, SPONGEBRUCE NO PANTS and SIDEWAYS.

He joked, "You're not gonna be able to buy this in the stores folks. Go to BRUCEWILLIS.COM and if you get lost on the website go to the sex button. You'll see a little icon of me, naked, holding an umbrella."

07/03/2005 09:57