The 'Die Hard' Christmas film debate continues to rage over three decades after the movie's release.

It has long been argued that the 1988 flick – that is set on Christmas Eve and stars Bruce Willis as NYPD detective John McClane – is a festive flick and a new survey shows that Brits are still divided over the issue.

The findings from YouGov and Disney+ discovered that 47 per cent of people who have seen 'Die Hard' say it is not a Christmas film while 44 per cent insists that it is a Yuletide movie.

The survey also revealed that the 'Die Hard' debate is one of the most contentious Christmas issues in Britain as people argue about it as much as they do about having Brussels sprouts with their Christmas dinner or whether they should watch the Queen's speech.

There is also a gender divide on the issue as half of men (50 per cent) think 'Die Hard' is a Christmas film compared to just over a third of women (37 per cent) who have seen the movie.

Film critic James King said: "'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie now but it didn't start out as one.

"Back in 1988 when it was released in the summer, I don't think anyone thought it was a festive film. Sure it had a seasonal setting but it was hardly warm and cuddly.

"But over time the fans have embraced its Christmas background and reinterpreted it as a Yuletide classic. That's what's great about brilliant films: they don't just have to be one thing."

The movie's writer Steven E. de Souza has always been adamant that 'Die Hard' is a "Christmas Movie" and has messaged his followers on Twitter to state his opinion.

Viewers can decide for themselves as the entire 'Die Hard' franchise is available to watch exclusively on Disney+ from Friday (03.12.21).

Disney+ is the streaming home of festive entertainment this year. From family favourites like 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' and 'Home Alone' to unconventional classics like 'Die Hard', plus blockbusters like 'Ron’s Gone Wrong' and 'The Last Duel', there is truly something for everyone on Disney+ this winter.