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Gala Screening Of 'Kill Kane'

Adam Deacon - Gala screening of 'Kill Kane' at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly - Arrivals at 195 Piccadilly London - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 21st January 2016

Adam Deacon

Lights Of Soho: God's Own Junkyard:

Adam Deacon, Louis Brown , Mason Smiley - Lights of Soho: God's Own Junkyard: My Generation at Lights of Soho in Central London. at Lights of Soho - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 25th November 2015

Adam Deacon, Louis Brown and Mason Smiley
Adam Deacon
Adam Deacon

Raindance Film Festival Opening Gala

Adam Deacon - Raindance Film Festival Opening Gala at the Vue Piccadilly at Vue Piccadilly - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Adam Deacon
Adam Deacon

Raindance Film Festival - 'My Hero' Premiere

Adam Deacon - Raindance Film Festival - 'My Hero' premiere at Vue Cinema Leicester Square - Red Carpet Arrivals at Vue Cinema Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Adam Deacon

Arrest Warrant Issued For Bafta Winner Adam Deacon

Adam Deacon Noel Clarke

An arrest warrant has been issued for the BAFTA winning actor Adam Deacon after he failed to show for a court appearance at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court in West London. Deacon, 31, is accused of harassing the director Noel Clarke - creator of the actor's biggest movie, Kidulthood.

Adam DeaconAdam Deacon is wanted by police after failing to attend his court apperance

Clarke claims Deacon sent him a slew of abuse messages on social media between March 5 and December 19, 2014. Deacon made his first appearance in court on December 20, after he was charged. His bail conditions state that Deacon is not permitted to contact Clarke or any of his acquaintances. He is also banned from posting anything about the director on social media. 

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Disaronno Wears Versace Limited Edition

Adam Deacon - Disaronno Wears Versace Limited Edition - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 30th September 2014

Adam Deacon

Comedown Set For DVD Release, Does It Warrant A Place On Your Shelf?

Adam Deacon

U.K horror flick Comedown is out on DVD on January 28th. From the director of Kidulthood (Menhaj Huda) and starring actor, filmmaker, and record artist Adam Deacon, it certainly has the pedigree, but is this urban towerblock horror worth #11.99 of your hard earned cash, and a place on your DVD shelf?

Well, if you like films, moving pictures, artistic integrity, tight dialogue and engaging plotlines, then no, you probably should buy something else. Like a 1199 penny sweets or another DVD.

We're only kidding, apart from the pretty dodgy looking trailer, which depicts every horror film we've ever seen compressed into a few minutes, it's not an awful film. If you're looking for some cheap thrills with a few mates, perhaps even a drinking game (drink nice) then it could be worth a punt.

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Comedown Trailer

When Lloyd is released from prison, he finds himself confronted with responsibility as his girlfriend Jemma is pregnant and he knows that his criminal antics must stop if he wants to be a proper father. Unfortunately, his childhood friends don't seem to have the same ideas and when they rope him into an illegal money-making scheme, he is at odds to refuse. He and his five friends break into a derelict block of flats where they used to live as children in order to put together a pirate radio station, do some DJing, smoke some joints and have a party. However, things don't go according to plan when Jemma separates from the group and disappears and the gang can't find her anywhere though find themselves sensing a dark presence nearby. As much as they try and dismiss the idea of someone in the building, claiming to know it better than anybody else, the members of the group find themselves amidst a series of grisly and vengeful murders and they are soon doing everything they can to escape from the building while dodging several lethal traps. Will anybody survive?

'Comedown' is a British horror directed by Menhaj Huda ('Kidulthood') and written by Steven Kendall ('Capital Punishment'). With production credits from Gareth Wiley ('Vicky Cristina Barcelona', 'Cassandra's Dream') and Dominic Norris ('The Penalty King', 'Guilty Hearts'), it is likely to be a gripping thrill ride that will keep you spooked long after the movie ends. Released on DVD and Blu Ray on January 28th 2013.

Directed by Menhaj Huda 

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Payback Season Trailer

Jerome is a Premiership footballer living the dream life: a fancy car, loads of money and a hot girlfriend; not to mention the luxury flat he lives in and vast opportunities for his career. It's a world away from the council estate and the grotty life he grew up with as a child.

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Everywhere and Nowhere Trailer

For all his life, it has been presumed that when Ash finished his studies he'd enter the family business but recently he's been realising that he has dreams and ambitions of his own, far from those that his father always took for granted. A clever and attractive guy, Ash is stuck between two worlds: there's the hedonistic life he leads with his friends in London city where nothing is off limits and there's also the more conservative part of his life which centres on his family.

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Anuvahood Review

Essentially a scruffy British stoner comedy, this colourful romp certainly manages to create a lively atmosphere. But the characters' non-stop chatter, much of which is shouted at top volume, wears us out within the first five minutes.

Kenneth (Deacon) has changed his name to K to seem more street-smart on his rough council estate. His parents (Robson and Benson) think he needs to take more responsibility in the family, so he decides to help with their money problems. Although quitting his job isn't the smartest move. Then he hatches a plan to sell drugs to the neighbourhood with the help of his dopey pals (Zonzolo, Oyeniran and Vu) and a visiting foreign student (Barbieri), but this puts him on a collision course with the estate's self-proclaimed kingpin Tyrone (Campbell).

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Adam Deacon

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