London based Pure Film Productions continues its practice of nurturing and assisting UK talent after both the tremendous success of 'Payback Season', starring Adam Deacon and its forthcoming feature film 'Victim' on June 22nd.

Pure Film have been busy working with UK talent for sometime, cutting their teeth on the micro budget films such as The Tapes and Terry, they proved with Payback Season that a young British cast can command strong ticket sales at the UK box office and sell to international territories - outperforming films such as Weekender, Demons Never Die, Cleanskin and The Veteran

The Pure Film ethos of supporting local talent and making films with the audience in mind, comes from the background of Pure Films' very own Danny Donnelly and Justin King, who have spent many years doing a similar thing successfully in music and other areas of the entertainment industry. Absorbing everything from the funding, to producing the film through to the final edit, they see it as a 'collaboration of like-minded capable and talented people that can be found on the doorstep'. 'Our challenge is then to take that film and make it a commercial success', which Payback Season has proved to be, even before the much anticipated DVD release. 'Getting the film out to as many people as possible, whether via Cinema, DVD or overseas release is key to exposing what a small UK film company can do, on limited budgets'.

Pure Film operates as an independent film company, without the large corporate funding of many of its competitors. ' Bigger budgets doesn't necessarily mean better films' is the mantra, although a move towards larger budgets and productions looks inevitable.

Victim is in Cinemas nationwide from June 22nd

Payback Season DVD launch is July 2nd.