British actor Adam Deacon has predicted the U.K. will be hit with another wave of rioting unless the government acts swiftly to engage with the country's youth.
The BAFTA-winning Kidulthood star announced earlier this year (12) that he wants to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the social unrest that sparked the terrifying scenes of arson and looting in various cities last August (11).
Now he's urged politicians to move quickly if they want to head off another summer of discontent - but he's also advised disillusioned youngsters to use legal channels to get their voice heard.
Deacon tells NME magazine, "If you're smashing up shops then of course the government isn't going to listen to you. If you think about what you do and use Twitter and Facebook in a constructive way, you can get a voice.
"Do what you can - pick up a video camera and go on YouTube... This generation have so many things at their disposal. I'd like to think there won't be more riots, but I think there will be if something doesn't change soon."