Review of The Big Cut EP by Turbowolf

Sometimes, the name of a band can tell you more concisely what a band will sound like than any description ever could. This is certainly the case with Turbowolf, a Jagermeister sponsored band from Bristol. The Big Cut EP delivers hard hitting heavy rock anthems. It doesn't really offer any surprises, but it kicks ass. Big time.

Turbowolf The Big Cut EP

The EP opens with Ancient Snake, which sounds a little bit like if Mastodon and Motorhead got in a fist fight in a bar. Fast paced pounding drums and sledgehammer staccato riffs pile drive straight into you - this is a wake-up call like no other. The title track carries on in a very similar manner.

Things Could Be Good Again - the EPs obvious stand out track follows with a hard core punk style verse, and more dirty riffs. The chorus, underneath all the noise, is undeniably massive. This is cracking stuff.

After support slots with the likes of Korn and Dimmu Borgir, it was to be expected that Turbowolf would be heavy. They do exactly as they say on the tin. The band are currently on tour with fellow British noise-rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up. You would have to be a fool to miss out on that show, but if you are of a nervous disposition, take ear plugs.

Ben Walton

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