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The Hidden Cameras
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The Hidden Cameras Awoo Album

The Hidden Cameras might consider themselves rather unlucky considering that Awoo is now their fourth album and they still remain relatively unknown on the international circuit. Perhaps the latest record will pave the way to international success & help establish them among Canada's elite?

Based largely around the creative talents of Joel Gibb, The Hidden Cameras sound revolves around heavenly, orchestrated indie pop with a heavy folk influence.

The songs that make up Awoo range from fun to just plain interesting, with moments hilarity and sadness along the way. Notable songs include the musical chairs-like structure of "Heji", the massive R.E.M vibe of "Awoo" and the sweet harmonies & intricate instrumentation in "The Waning Moon". But the highlight of the record is the rousing & high-octane "Lollipop".

Whilst Awoo is hardly a contender for record of the year, it still remains a strong collection of songs, well worth anybody's time, check it out.

Colin Burrill

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