Review of Mississauga Goddam (Album 12/07/04 Rough Trade) Album by The Hidden Cameras

The Hidden Cameras

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The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam (Album 12/07/04 Rough Trade) - Album Review

The Hidden Cameras

Mississauga Goddam (Album 12/07/04 Rough Trade)

Swiftly following on from last year’s proud parade of gaiety; ‘Smell Of Our Own” that entertained and shocked the nation in ways that Jerry Springer could never do, with a mesmerizing mixture of wit, references to piss sex and simple melodies rooted in three chords. ‘Mississauga Goddam’ polishes the debut album and adds a shine to it with subtle, almost child song like murmurings and melodies in places. ‘Doot Doot Plot’ and ‘That’s when the ceremony starts’ being prime examples of

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this, but the lyrics are certainly more adult based and for those in possession of a broader pallet, particularly in the case of the former number;

“You’ve been pulling your pol pot for long enough,

I been cooking in your pot for way too long.”

Simple yet bold is the motto for The Hidden Cameras, a message that has been carried through from their live shows that are often themed and held in churches, as well as on their two albums. This is epitomized in the standout track and gig favourite; ‘Music Is My Boyfriend’ featuring sparkling instrumentals, then the jolly vocals of the colourful front man Joel Gibb kick in to convey initially friendly and romantic lyrics about his love of music. However, as the instrumentals pick up pace the lyrics take on a darker and seedier die;

“I kissed his ugly ganger greens, he swallowed my pea”

No matter how shocked you are by the lyrics, even the Pope wouldn’t be able to listen to ‘Music Is My Boyfriend’ without falling in love. ‘Missauga Goddam’ is an infectiously sharp reminder that The Hidden Cameras are here to stay and they cannot be ignored.

David Adair