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The Answer Rise Album

I know I have said it before but im saying it again. I. LOVE. THIS. JOB! It has introduced me to some fine and excellent bands, none better then "The Answer". Dust off your air guitar, flex your fingers for the devil horns and be prepared to be taken back to an era time was slowly forgetting….classic rock has returned!!!
Meet Irelands The Answer, Cormac Neeson (vocals) Paul Mahon (guitarist) Micky Waters (bassist) and James Heatley (drummer) a band who are finally gutsy enough to take the chops forged by Led Zeppelin, Free, AC/DC and The Black Crows and bring them, air guitar and all, into the 21st century. The first British name to hit the world of classic rock (we are ignoring the Darkness, they don't count) since it faded out way back when, and boys, I love you for it!

It's already been called 'The Best British Rock Debut of the Decade' by Classic Rock magazine. And, in a world where hype overrules sense, here's a rare record that outpaces all media hysteria. "Rise" is an album that brings back the frontline to British Blues Rock, it has energy from the start opening up with guaranteed single "Under The Sky" that smacks you in the face and lets you know that they will be here to stay, a powerful, catchy rock song with enough energy to make a grown man cry!
"Rise" isn't just a rehash of all classic rock songs rather an open door for a renewal of the passion and rock surges that once made names like Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, The Who & Free some of the best known names across the world.

Already touring with the likes of Deep Purple and Whitesnake it won't be long until The Answer are headlining their own tours, especially after picking up Best New Band at this years Classic Rock awards. Whether you are 40+ and remembering times gone or you are in your teens and laughing at your dad's childhood photos with perms and tight leather trousers The Answer are going to be The Answer for you. Tell your friends, before they tell you!

Adam Prickett

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