Review of Everyday Demons Album by The Answer

Review of The Answer's album 'Everyday Demons'.

The Answer Everyday Demons Album

Whilst some may consider the band's name a bit preposterous, Northern Ireland quartet The Answer impressed enough people with their debut record 'Rise' to shift 100,000 units. Jimmy Page has lavished praise on them and landing the support slot on AC/DC's current world tour should certainly get them noticed.

As soon as the rolling chords that introduce 'Demon Eyes' kick in it is quite obvious why The Answer are opening for the aforementioned rock legends, a throwback to late seventies' metal that you can't help but headbang along to. Cormac Neeson also has what could be described as a 'classic rock voice' - think Brian Johnson - and what you have is an impressive opening blitz. 'Too Far Gone' continues the fist-pumping momentum while 'Tonight' and ''Dead Of The Night' are other enjoyable romps that bring an undeniable urge for some air guitar. Proving themselves to be no one trick pony, 'Cry Out' slows the pace and takes a bluesy direction that allows Neeson to use a more subtle vocal style, before 'Why'd You Change Your Mind?' emerges from a casual jam to an epic anthem with the impact of a bomb blast. On a record filled with fantastic tunes, 'Pride' stands out as a potential stadium filler thanks to a lung-bursting chorus that climaxes gloriously and leaves you wondering just how it is that this outfit still remain somewhat under the radar.

'Everyday Demons' is a highly accomplished offering that any lover of rock music should look into, they'll be undoubtedly be impressed.

Alex Lai

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