Review of Obliteration By Time Album by Richmond Fontaine

Richmond Fontaine
Obliteration By Time
Album Review

Richmond Fontaine Obliteration By Time Album

Many bands yearn for those heady early days when it was all fun and the songs were so much better to play. Very few actually go back to those first songbooks and re-record them. Richmond Fontaine clearly thought, however, that it would be a good way to follow up the rather excellent The Fitzgerald, a wizened piece of Americana which created sandy dust in the speakers every time it was played.
Unfortunately, Obliteration By Time returns them to their more mediocre Southern rock roots, a place where their guitar playing and singing aren't strong enough to make up for the genre's shortcomings. Not a problem if the band had fun making it, but expecting fans to pay full price for a vanity project is a bit rich - a much better idea is to wait for the next release of new original material, to see if their songwriting maturity can move on from The Fitzgerald.


Mike Rea

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