Actress Lindsay Sloane jumped at the chance to work with her comedy hero Will Ferrell in new movie THE OTHER GUYS, insisting she would have signed on to the project without even reading the script.
The She's Out of My League star landed the role of Francine in the action comedy, but Sloane admits she had already decided to take on the job as soon as she learned Ferrell and his Step Brothers director pal Adam MCKay were behind the film.
She tells, "I saw him (Ferrell) and I saw Mark Wahlberg (on the script)... and so the two of them together, and Adam MCKay - I love Step Brothers, I've loved every movie they made, so that was like, 'Done! All I wanna do is be in this movie.'"
But Sloane would have been happy just studying Ferrell at work on set: "I'm just a huge fan of Will, so just getting to meet him, hang out with him and watch him do his thing, that was so much fun."
And the actress is convinced fans will be blown away by action man Wahlberg's latest comedy role.
She says, "I think Mark Wahlberg is really, really funny. I think he's gonna surprise people by how funny he is because I know he did I Heart Huckabees and you've seen him be funny but this is like, you really get to see him."
The Departed star Wahlberg also showed off his funny side in Steve Carrell and Tina Fey's romantic comedy Date Night earlier this year (10).