LIL' JON has teamed up with Linkin Park's MIKE SHINODA to provide the soundtrack for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday (28AUG05).

The musicians are providing the "score" for the show, which will take place in Miami, Florida, and they're currently in process of finishing up their various recorded clips, which will be used at fitting moments.

Shinoda says, "The challenge was that they needed variety. I did 10 tracks, a couple of them a lot of Linkin Park fans will recognise the sound, while others are different, all the way down to some really stripped-down hip-hop sounds. And within each piece, there are different parts."

Lil' Jon had an easier time getting his melodies together, as he didn't have to create entirely new works.

He explains, They came and hollered at me and I told them I have a catalogue of over 600 tracks. They sat down and I said, 'Pick what you like.'"

Both stars are hoping their project will lead to work on movie soundtracks.