Review of The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, Vol. 1 Album by Jill Scott

When receiving this album I was a little surprised to be reviewing another Jill Scott album so soon to her last release 'The Light Of The Sun'. However, with a little investigation I soon realised that this release is related to her former record label Hidden Beach Recordings and due to legal contracts and obligations we have 'The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, Vol. 1'.

Jill Scott The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, Vol. 1 Album

Well, most fans of Jill Scott won't be complaining as previously unreleased tracks featured on this album that were to be released at a later date have been unearthed to oblige the former contract with Jill Scott and the label. Despite the legal ramblings, this album once again showcases Jill Scott as a premier soul artist. With such sweet numbers as 'I Don't Know (Gotta Have You)', 'Wake Up Baby' and 'Running Away', it's clear to see that Jill Scott is top of her game in every way. From a song writing and singing point of view, Jill Scott is a different league to many in the industry. We get a version of 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers produced by Jazzy Jeff.

There are lots of aspects within the music industry that make it a business and the release of this album is definitely related to that; however, the artist is what makes the business work and no one can deny from listening to 'The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, Vol. 1' that Jill Scott is a truly brilliant artist. I guess it would have been a shame to never have heard this material so I suppose it's good for a fan to have heard tracks featured on this album. For Scott, it may not have been put together possibly quite how she would have liked but there's no denying it sounds good and that's purely down to her talent.

Tareck Ghoneim

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