FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF star Jeffrey Jones is set to return to court to face the boy he was accused of taking sexual advantage of.

The actor faced criminal charges last year (03) for taking explicit photos of the boy - a charge to which he pleaded "no contest."

Jones' was sentenced to five years of probation and the judge ordered him to register as a sex offender.

But prosecutors never charged Jones with any physical abuse and believed the case had been fully resolved.

But now the boy, then 14, wants Justice and he's suing Jones personally, claiming the actor's actions led to severe emotional problems.

As part of the graphic lawsuit, obtained by American legal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, Jones is accused of touching the boy's genitals and demanding that he pose nude and touch himself for the camera.

The suit claims the accuser, who is now 19, has a difficult time having relationships with women because of Jones' alleged misconduct.

27/10/2004 21:09