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19th October 2014

Quote: "I find shooting sex scenes, knowing that he will be watching them, a nightmare, but you just have to get on with it. I remember being on set with him as a child, when he was shooting Beowulf with Angelina Jolie, and seeing them kissing. I found it so strange, but my mum wasn't bothered at all." Actress Jaime Winstone hates shooting sex scenes because she knows her dad, actor Ray, will see them.

18th April 2014

Tweet: "Me and @jaimewinstone finally eternalized our love/friendship with our cross tattoos that symbolize the balance of our friendship!" Kelly Osbourne has cemented her friendship with British actress Jaime Winstone with matching body art.

10th July 2013

Quote: "Don't expect to see me with a perma-tan, covered in Botox anytime soon... I don't worry about these things. Of course I try to be healthy but I'm not going to deny myself the odd burger. There is more to me than that." British actress Jaime Winstone has vowed to avoid drastically altering her appearance to get more movie roles.

15th April 2012

Quote: "It feels good. When I walk past mirrors, I think, 'Who's that good looking boy?'" British actress Jaime Winstone is pleased with her latest makeover after shaving her head for new U.K. TV series Mad Dogs.

26th March 2012

Quote: "I don't like seeing my dad kiss other women on screen. It's really weird." Actress Jaime Winstone can't bear to see her famous father Ray smooching his leading lady in a movie.

27th September 2010

Quote: "I grew up not really aware of what he did. I watched Scum and never realised it was Dad." British actress Jaime Winstone was surprised when she found out about her father RAY's movie career.

22nd September 2010

Quote: "We love throwing wild house parties that go on for days, with random people sleeping everywhere. We have a creative room and a fancy dress room in our house. It's cool." British actress Jaime Winstone loves living with model pal Daisy Lowe in London.

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