Review of Tremors Album by Humanzi

Album Review

Humanzi Tremors Album

Four angry Irishmen set to show through ripping riffs and angst riding 70s rock that anger is not something to stay quiet about. The bulleting riffs and cantering percussion on '6 Gun' leads nicely into the dragging, high pitched howl of Shaun Mulrooney, who gushes out lurid defiance. There are fuzzy interludes, such as in 'Out On A Wire', slowing down the tempo to drive home a message of admiration and regret through Gary Jarman style vocals. Most of the songs on here are searching and uncover some depth to Humanzi's locker that is often hidden by the brazen sound.

A distorted vocal element gives 'I Want Silence' some gruff provocation to compliment the wandering, almost jazzy guitar led romp that delivers a mystical message;

"You don't need words to sing out."

A piercing nature permeates the album, as Mulrooney's presence comes through as a raw and honest one. The AC/DC spirit is adeptly captured through 'Song For Understanding', the number builds from a slow, acoustic intro to build up to the life summarising release that follows. As the album moves on, an ambient element is slid into the fray via 'Help Me In The Morning', to help the range and keep the interest level high. Humanzi do it with a rugged honesty that makes their brand of rock believable, as well as catchy.

Rating 4/5

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