Humanzi, Interview

09 August 2006

Humanzi -  Interview

Humanzi - Interview


Dublin four piece Humanzi have been gradually building up a healthy legion of converts since the turn of the year with their energetic live shows and critically acclaimed singles 'Fix The Cracks' and 'Long Time Coming'.

Now with a long player, 'Tremors', about to be released and a bucket load of festival appearances to cram in, it seems Humanzi's year is destined to get even more hectic. spoke to singer/songwriter Shaun Mulrooney about his hopes and fears for the band is they look to take that final step into the big time.

How did you get Chris Vrenna involved with recording and producing the album?
Our A & R man got us in touch with him, and it turned out he was in Europe drumming with Marilyn Manson so he made time to come to Dublin and we did two tracks and the rest is history.

Did you have overall control of the recording process or were the record company more influential in areas such as production, choice of songs for the album, etc?
No, luckily we had complete control because half of the album was recorded before anyone heard any of it. We did scrap two tunes and record a fresh one, 'Six Gun', but that was about it

Are you satisfied with the finished product?
Yeah I'm defo satisfied but I don't think any artist will sit back and be totally happy. An example is that a tune would come on in a club and I'd go "Fucking hell, I wish that vocal was louder or the snare was snappier" but you try not to think that way. But it's loud direct and full of energy and that was our aim.

What are your favourite songs on the record?
'Diet pills And Magazine', 'Six Gun' and 'Song For Understanding'

You're renowned for making the odd political aside during your live shows. Do you feel people will see you as the next generation of Bono-type muso-political activists?
No not at all. The thing is, there is the political side to some of our lyrics but the word politics has been taken from us and distorted by politicians. But I say what I think and I'm not trying to be anyone else.

Whose idea was it to release 'Diet Pills and Magazines' as the next single?
It was a unanimous decision. It seemed like the song that sums us up most as a band

Do you see yourselves as being both critically and commercially accessible?
Well time will answer that question. The reviews have been really good so far. But we are not a pop band so it's hard to say if we'll be the next kooks or Franz Ferdinand!

Are you under any pressure to start shifting mass sales units by the record company?
Nah, are you mad!

You're playing several festivals this summer - are there any which you're particularly looking forward to or have particularly enjoyed playing?
Reading and Leeds is going to be a big one. Oh and we bought a giant camper van with our logo on the side which we will drive over. It looks like the 'A Team' van..

Do you see yourselves more as a live band or do you prefer working in the studio?
We enjoy both, but live has that spontaneous thing that every night is different. It has a mad effect on your psyche. You lose touch with reality, which can only be a good thing!

Is there a lot happening in the Dublin music scene at the moment that more people should be aware of?
A lot of seriously good bands which I will have to name-drop. The Things, Mainline, Staggerlee, Twin Kranes, Mighty Stef, Aleko and Sickboy to name a few.

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