Eagles of Death Metal - Leeds Academy Live Review

Review of Eagles of Death Metal live at Leeds Academy on 29th March 09.

Eagles of Death Metal

On March 29th 2009, I was looking forward to checking out the O2 Leeds Academy and it didn't disappoint, however it was quickly out done when Eagles of Death Metal took over the stage...

Supporting act The Hot Melts were well received playing not only to a lively crowd, but Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes (EoDM) himself up on the balcony. As the venue packed out anxious fans began cheering the roadies, but finally the lights dimmed and a ripple of excitement emerged as the band came out with Jesse flamboyantly singing along to the track Ladies Night.

Kicking off with I Only Want You excitement took over the crowd, only one song in and a girl half passed out was pulled from the front, the room fell silent as everyone, including the band showed concern for her well being. After asking people to take a step back Jesse had no problem reigniting the crowd's enthusiasm and cracked on with Bad Dream.

The best gigs are undoubtedly those where the band know how to communicate with their audience, a performance that goes beyond simply playing the greatest hits. EoDM and Jesse especially know how to do this, enticing the crowd with what had to be his signature move of the night, slowly repositioning his aviator glasses... the track Just 19 was dedicated to the 21st birthday of one fan who was under instruction the pretend it was her, you guessed it, 19th.

Finally the track many had been waiting for I Want you So Hard (Boys Bad News)signified the end of show (encore not included), leaving everyone wanting more as it was played with the energy and enthusiasm worthy of the fanatical Leeds audience. There was something for the boys as 'the fruity Miss Coco Bubbles' joined in for Prissy Prancin, unfortunately her vocals did not carry over the rest of the group and certainly not the audience, however whether her mic was actually on was up for debate.

Highlights included alone time with Jesse as he played Midnight Creeper. The crowd also got to perform as they sang Happy Birthday to drummer Joey Castillo and got to watch him blow out his candles as he was presented with a cake.

After fighting off the crowd surfers and braving the battle for souvenirs, mainly plectrums and drum sticks, the crowed was shooed away by security using a rather long rope.

It was an awesome performance and although supported by a very mixed crowd EoDM's gig lived up to the expectations of the fans who had been playing their albums nonstop in anticipation of the night, me included.

Victoria Louise Crampton

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